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Journal Article

Abbott, L.K., MacDonald, L.M., Wong, M.T.F., Webb, M.J., Jenkins, S.N. and Farrell, M. (2018) Potential roles of biological amendments for profitable grain production – A review. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 256 . pp. 34-50.

Sharma, R., Bell, R.W. and Wong, M.T.F. (2017) Dissolved reactive phosphorus played a limited role in phosphorus transport via runoff, throughflow and leaching on contrasting cropping soils from southwest Australia. Science of The Total Environment, 577 . pp. 33-44.

Ringrose-Voase, A.J., Grealish, G.J., Thomas, M., Wong, M.T.F., Glover, M.R., Mercado, A., Nilo, G.P. and Dowling, T.I. (2017) Four Pillars of digital land resource mapping to address information and capacity shortages in developing countries. Geoderma, In press .

Sharma, R., Bell, R.W. and Wong, M.T.F. (2015) Phosphorus forms in soil solution and leachate of contrasting soil profiles and their implications for P mobility. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 15 (4). pp. 854-862.

Wong, M.T.F., Bell, R.W. and Frost, K. (2005) Mapping boron deficiency risk in soils of south-west Western Australia using a weight of evidence model. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 43 (7). pp. 811-818.

Wong, M.T.F. and Harper, R.J. (1999) Use of on-ground gamma-ray spectrometry to measure plant-available potassium and other topsoil attributes. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 37 (2). pp. 267-278.

Conference Paper

Wong, M.T.F., Weaver, D. and Bell, R. (2013) Use soil test to inform change from phosphorus build-up to maintenance for more profits. In: 2013 WA Agribusiness Crop Updates, 25 - 26 February, Perth, Western Australia

Sharma, R., Bell, R.W. and Wong, M.T.F. (2010) Processes of P mobility from Fitzgerald River catchment following application of different P rates. In: Gilkes RJ, Prakongkep N, editors. Proceedings of the 19th World Congress of Soil Science; Soil Solutions for a Changing World; Published on DVD;, 1 - 6 August, Brisbane, Australia, pp 109-112 pp. 109-112.

Bell, R.W., Frost, K., Wong, M. and Brennan, R. (2002) Boron-should we be worried about it. In: Crop updates 2002 - farming systems, Perth, Western Australia pp. 45-46.

Bell, R.W., Frost, K., Wong, M., Leach, B., Loss, S.P. and Brennan, R.F. (2001) Boron status of crops and soils in southwest Australia and its implications for crop production. In: In Short papers based on presentations at the WA Soil Nutrition Workshop. Ed. Z, Rengel, University of Western Australian, Perth pp. 43-46.

Bell, R.W., Frost, K., Wong, M.T.F., Leach, B. and Brennan, R.F. (2000) Boron levels in soils of the Western Australia wheatbelt and implications for crop production. In: Soils 2000 : making our science more useable : proceedings of conference Muresk Institute of Agriculture, 11 - 13 July, Northam, WA, Australia pp. 80-85.

Conference Item

Sharma, R., Bell, R.W. and Wong, M. (2012) Dissolved reactive P plays a minor role in P mobility on contrasting soils from the cropping region of south-west Australia. In: Joint Australian and New Zealand Soil Science Conference. Soil Solutions for diverse landscapes, 2-7 December 2012, Hobart, Tasmania.

Pesjak, L., Bell, R.W., Pal, Y. and Wong, M. (2012) Low sulfur, potentially acidic soils and sediments of the Bassendean Dune System, Perth, Western Australia. In: 3rd National Acid Sulfate Soil Conference, 5 - 7 March, Melbourne, Australia.

Sharma, R., Bell, R.W. and Wong, M.T.F. (2008) Characterization of soils to predict P risk areas under mixed farming on the south coast of West Australia. In: Proceedings of the Joint Conference of the Australia and New Zealand Societies of Soil Science, 1 - 5 December, Palmerston, New Zeealand.

Bell, R.W., Yashpal, and Wong, M.T.F. (2007) Acidification of soils in Australia under agricultural systems. In: Abstracts on Bioremediation of Acid Sulfate Soil for Agriculture and Forestry. International Lecture Meeting for 21st Century COE Program, 1 - 4 March, Fujisawa, Japan.

Pal, Y., Wong, M.T.F. and Bell, R.W. (2006) Coal fines as a potential amendment for subsoil acidity in Western Australia. In: 18th World Congress of Soil Science, 9 - 15 July, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Wong, M. and Bell, R.W. (2004) Boron risk mapping using weight of evidence modelling. In: Annual Meeting Abstracts American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, Soil Science Society of America, 31 October - 4 November, Seattle, WA; USA.

Bell, R.W., Frost, K., Wong, M.T.F., Leach, B. and Brennan, R.F. (1999) Boron deficiency in canola in WA? In: 10th International Rapeseed Congress, 26 - 29 September, Canberra, Australia.

Bell, R.W., Wong, M., Leach, B. and Brennan, R. (1999) Boron status of crops and soils in southwest Western Australia and its implications for crop production. In: Third WA Symposium on Ions in the Soil-Water-Plant Continuum, 8 April, Perth, Western Australia.


Bell, R.W., Frost, K. and Wong, M. (2003) Meeting the boron requirements of canola and legumes. UMU69 Final Report to GRDC

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