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Publications: Wang, Wei

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Krebs, K., Bovijn, J., Zheng, N., Lepamets, M., Censin, J.C., Jürgenson, T., Särg, D., Abner, E., Laisk, T., Luo, Y., Skotte, L., Geller, F., Feenstra, B., Wang, W., Auton, A., Raychaudhuri, S., Esko, T., Metspalu, A., Laur, S., Roden, D.M., Wei, W-Q, Holmes, M.V., Lindgren, C.M., Phillips, E.J., Mägi, R., Milani, L., Fadista, J., Agee, M., Aslibekyan, S., Bell, R.K., Bryc, K., Clark, S.K., Elson, S.L., Fletez-Brant, K., Fontanillas, P., Furlotte, N.A., Gandhi, P.M., Heilbron, K., Hicks, B., Hinds, D.A., Huber, K.E., Jewett, E.M., Jiang, Y., Kleinman, A., Lin, K-H, Litterman, N.K., Luff, M.K., McCreight, J.C., McIntyre, M.H., McManus, K.F., Mountain, J.L., Mozaffari, S.V., Nandakumar, P., Noblin, E.S., Northover, C.A.M., O’Connell, J., Petrakovitz, A.A., Pitts, S.J., Poznik, G.D., Sathirapongsasuti, J.F., Shastri, A.J., Shelton, J.F., Shringarpure, S., Tian, C., Tung, J.Y., Tunney, R.J., Vacic, V., Wang, X. and Zare, A.S. (2020) Genome-wide study identifies association between HLA-B∗55:01 and Self-Reported Penicillin Allergy. The American Journal of Human Genetics, 107 (4). pp. 612-621.


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