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Nwoba, E.G., Parlevliet, D.A., Laird, D.W., Vadiveloo, A., Alameh, K. and Moheimani, N.R. (2019) Can solar control infrared blocking films be used to replace evaporative cooling for growth of Nannochloropsis sp. in plate photobioreactors? Algal Research, 39 .

Mehta, P., Jackson, B.A., Nwoba, E.G., Vadiveloo, A., Bahri, P.A., Mathur, A.S. and Moheimani, N.R. (2019) Continuous non-destructive hydrocarbon extraction from Botryococcus braunii BOT-22. Algal Research, 41 . Article number 101537.

Raeisossadati, M., Vadiveloo, A., Bahri, P.A., Parlevliet, D. and Moheimani, N.R. (2019) Treating anaerobically digested piggery effluent (ADPE) using microalgae in thin layer reactor and raceway pond. Journal of Applied Phycology . In Press.

Eroglu, E., Wijihastuti, R.S., Grenik, E., Vadiveloo, A., Moheimani, N.R. and Lou, X.F. (2018) Application of poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) hydrogel disks for the immobilization of three different microalgal species. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 93 (10). pp. 2887-2897.

Eltanahy, E., Salim, S., Vadiveloo, A., Verduin, J.J., Pais, B. and Moheimani, N.R. (2018) Comparison between jet and paddlewheel mixing for the cultivation of microalgae in anaerobic digestate of piggery effluent (ADPE). Algal Research, 35 . pp. 274-282.

Vadiveloo, A. and Moheimani, N. (2018) Effect of continuous and daytime mixing on Nannochloropsis growth in raceway ponds. Algal Research, 33 . pp. 190-196.

Moheimani, N.R., Vadiveloo, A., Ayre, J.M. and Pluske, J.R. (2018) Nutritional profile and in vitro digestibility of microalgae grown in anaerobically digested piggery effluent. Algal Research, 35 . pp. 362-369.

Vadiveloo, A., Moheimani, N.R., Cosgrove, J.J., Parlevliet, D. and Bahri, P.A. (2017) Effects of different light spectra on the growth, productivity and photosynthesis of two acclimated strains of Nannochloropsis sp. Journal of Applied Phycology, 29 (4). pp. 1765-1774.

Nwoba, E.G., Moheimani, N.R., Ubi, B.E., Ogbonna, J.C., Vadiveloo, A., Pluske, J.R. and Huisman, J.M. (2017) Macroalgae culture to treat anaerobic digestion piggery effluent (ADPE). Bioresource Technology, 227 . pp. 15-23.

Vadiveloo, A., Moheimani, N.R., Kosterink, N.R., Cosgrove, J.J., Parlevliet, D., Gonzalez-Garcia, C. and Lubián, L.M. (2016) Photosynthetic performance of two Nannochloropsis spp. under different filtered light spectra. Algal Research, 19 . pp. 168-177.

Vadiveloo, A., Moheimani, N.R., Alghamedi, R., Cosgrove, J.J., Alameh, K. and Parlevliet, D. (2016) Sustainable cultivation of microalgae by an insulated glazed glass plate photobioreactor. Biotechnology Journal, 11 (3). pp. 363-374.

Cuello, M.C., Cosgrove, J.J., Randhir, A., Vadiveloo, A. and Moheimani, N.R. (2015) Comparison of continuous and day time only mixing on Tetraselmis suecica (Chlorophyta) in outdoor raceway ponds. Journal of Applied Phycology, 27 (5). pp. 1783-1791.

Vadiveloo, A., Moheimani, N.R., Cosgrove, J.J., Bahri, P.A. and Parlevliet, D. (2015) Effect of different light spectra on the growth and productivity of acclimated Nannochloropsis sp. (Eustigmatophyceae). Algal Research, 8 . pp. 121-127.

Vadiveloo, A., Moheimani, N., Cosgrove, J. and Parlevliet, D. (2013) Sustainable use of light for chemical and electrical energy production. Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia, 96 . p. 75.


Vadiveloo, Ashiwin (2017) The efficient use of light for the cultivation of Nannochloropsis SPP. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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