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Journal Article

Traub, R.J., Irwin, P., Dantas-Torres, F., Tort, G.P., Labarthe, N.V., Inpankaew, T., Gatne, M., Linh, B.K., Schwan, V., Watanabe, M., Siebert, S., Mencke, N. and Schaper, R. (2015) Toward the formation of a Companion Animal Parasite Council for the Tropics (CAPCT). Parasites & Vectors, 8 (1).

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Cuttell, L., Owen, H., Lew-Tabor, A.E. and Traub, R.J. (2013) Bovine cysticercosis—Development of a real-time PCR to enhance classification of suspect cysts identified at meat inspection. Veterinary Parasitology, 194 (1). pp. 65-69.

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Abd Rani, P.A., Coleman, G.T., Irwin, P.J. and Traub, R.J. (2011) Hippobosca longipennis - a potential intermediate host of a species of Acanthocheilonema in dogs in northern India. Parasites & Vectors, 4 (1). p. 143.

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Parkar, U., Traub, R.J., Vitali, S., Elliot, A., Levecke, B., Robertson, I., Geurden, T., Steele, J., Drake, B. and Thompson, R.C.A. (2010) Molecular characterization of Blastocystis isolates from zoo animals and their animal-keepers. Veterinary Parasitology, 169 (1-2). pp. 8-17.

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Traub, R.J., Inpankaew, T., Reid, S.A., Sutthikornchai, C., Sukthana, Y., Robertson, I.D. and Thompson, R.C.A. (2009) Transmission cycles of Giardia duodenalis in dogs and humans in Temple communities in Bangkok—A critical evaluation of its prevalence using three diagnostic tests in the field in the absence of a gold standard. Acta Tropica, 111 (2). pp. 125-132.

Traub, R.J., Macaranas, J., Mungthin, M., Leelayoova, S., Cribb, T., Murrell, K.D. and Thompson, R.C.A. (2009) A new PCR-based approach indicates the range of Clonorchis sinensis now extends to central Thailand. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 3 (1). e367.

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Traub, R.J., Hobbs, R.P., Adams, P.J., Behnke, J.M., Harris, P.D. and Thompson, R.C.A. (2007) A case of mistaken identity – reappraisal of the species of canid and felid hookworms (Ancylostoma) present in Australia and India. Parasitology, 134 (01). pp. 113-119.

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Traub, R.J., Monis, P.T., Robertson, I., Irwin, P., Mencke, N. and Thompson, R.C.A. (2004) Epidemiological and molecular evidence supports the zoonotic transmission of Giardia among humans and dogs living in the same community. Parasitology, 128 (3). pp. 253-262.

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Traub, R.J., Robertson, I.D., Irwin, P., Mencke, N., Monis, P. and Thompson, R.C.A. (2003) Humans, dogs and parasitic zoonoses ? unravelling the relationships in a remote endemic community in northeast India using molecular tools. Parasitology Research, 90 . S156-S157.

Traub, R.J., Robertson, I.D., Irwin, P., Mencke, N. and Thompson, R.C.A. (2002) The role of dogs in transmission of gastrointestinal parasites in a remote tea-growing community in Northeastern India. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 67 (5). pp. 539-545.

Conference Item

Parkar, U., Traub, R., Vitali, S., Wayne, A., Morris, K. and Thompson, A. (2008) Characterisation of Blastocystis isolates from zoo animals and native wildlife. In: 21st Australasian Wildlife Management Society Conference, 24 - 27 November, Fremantle, Western Australia.

Traub, R.J., Robertson, I.D., Irwin, P., Mencke, N. and Thompson, R.C.A. (2001) Prevalence and epidemiology of canine parasitic zoonoses in Assam. In: 18th International Conference of the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (WAAVP), 26 - 30 August, Stresa, Italy.

Book Chapter

Thompson, R.C.A., Traub, R.J. and Prameswaran, N. (2007) Molecular epidemiology of food-borne parasitic zoonoses. In: Murrell, K.D. and Fried, B., (eds.) Food-Borne Parasitic Zoonoses: Fish and Plant-Borne Parasites (World Class Parasites series: Volume II). Springer, New York, pp. 383-415.


Traub, Rebecca Justine (2003) Dogs, humans and gastrointestinal parasites: unravelling epidemiological and zoonotic relationships in an endemic tea-growing community in Northeast India. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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