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Publications: Tan, Kar-Chun

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Journal Article

Andronis, C.E., Hane, J.K., Bringans, S., Hardy, G.E.S.J., Jacques, S., Lipscombe, R. and Tan, K-C (2021) Gene validation and remodelling using proteogenomics of Phytophthora cinnamomi, the causal agent of dieback. Frontiers in Microbiology, 12 . Art. 665396.

Tan, K.C., Ferguson-Hunt, M., Rybak, K., Waters, O.D.C., Stanley, W.A., Bond, C.S., Stukenbrock, E.H., Friesen, T.L., Faris, J.D., McDonald, B.A. and Oliver, R.P. (2012) Quantitative Variation in Effector Activity of ToxA Isoforms fromStagonospora nodorumandPyrenophora tritici-repentis. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 25 (4). pp. 515-522.

Tan, K.C., Oliver, R.P., Solomon, P.S. and Moffat, C.S. (2010) Proteinaceous necrotrophic effectors in fungal virulence. Functional Plant Biology, 37 (10). pp. 907-912.

Casey, T., Solomon, P.S., Bringans, S., Tan, K.C., Oliver, R.P. and Lipscombe, R. (2010) Quantitative proteomic analysis of G-protein signalling in Stagonospora nodorumusing isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantification. Proteomics, 10 (1). pp. 38-47.

Ipcho, S.V.S., Tan, K.C., Koh, G., Gummer, J., Oliver, R.P., Trengove, R.D. and Solomon, P.S. (2010) The transcription factor stuA regulates central carbon metabolism, mycotoxin production, and effector gene expression in the wheat pathogen Stagonospora nodorum. Eukaryotic Cell, 9 (7). pp. 1100-1108.

Tan, K.C., Ipcho, S.V.S., Trengove, R.D., Oliver, R.P. and Solomon, P.S. (2009) Assessing the impact of transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics on fungal phytopathology. Molecular Plant Pathology, 10 (5). pp. 703-715.

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Tan, K.C., Trengove, R.D., Maker, G.L.ORCID: 0000-0003-1666-9377, Oliver, R.P. and Solomon, P.S. (2009) Metabolite profiling identifies the mycotoxin alternariol in the pathogen Stagonospora nodorum. Metabolomics, 5 (3). pp. 330-335.

Tan, K.C., Heazlewood, J.L., Millar, A.H., Oliver, R.P. and Solomon, P.S. (2009) Proteomic identification of extracellular proteins regulated by the Gna1 Gα subunit in Stagonospora nodorum. Mycological Research, 113 (5). pp. 523-531.

Liu, Z., Faris, J.D., Oliver, R.P., Tan, K.C., Solomon, P.S., McDonald, M.C., McDonald, B.A., Nunez, A., Lu, S., Rasmussen, J.B. and Friesen, T.L. (2009) SnTox3 acts in effector triggered susceptibility to induce disease on wheat carrying the Snn3 gene. PLoS Pathogens, 5 (9). e1000581.

Tan, K-C, Heazlewood, J.L., Millar, A.H., Thomson, G., Oliver, R.P. and Solomon, P.S. (2008) A Signaling-Regulated, Short-Chain Dehydrogenase of Stagonospora nodorum regulates asexual development. Eukaryotic Cell, 7 (11). pp. 1916-1929.

Solomon, P.S., Ipcho, S.V.S., Hane, J.K., Tan, K.C. and Oliver, R.P. (2008) A quantitative PCR approach to determine gene copy number. Fungal Genetics Reports, 55 . pp. 5-8.

Hane, J.K., Lowe, R.G.T., Solomon, P.S., Tan, K.C., Schoch, C.L., Spatafora, J.W., Crous, P.W., Kodira, C., Birren, B.W., Galagan, J.E., Torriani, S.F.F., McDonald, B.A. and Oliver, R.P. (2007) Dothideomycete Plant Interactions Illuminated by Genome Sequencing and EST Analysis of the Wheat Pathogen Stagonospora nodorum. The Plant Cell, 19 (11). pp. 3347-3368.

Solomon, P.S., Lowe, R.G.T., Tan, K-C, Waters, O.D.C. and Oliver, R.P. (2006) Stagonospora nodorum: Cause of stagonospora nodorum blotch of wheat. Molecular Plant Pathology, 7 (3). pp. 147-156.

Solomon, P.S., Tan, K.C. and Oliver, R.P. (2005) Mannitol 1-phosphate metabolism is required for sporulation in planta of the wheat pathogen Stagonospora nodorum. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 18 (2). pp. 110-115.

Ding, J.L., Tan, K.C., Thangamani, S., Kusuma, N., Seow, W.K., Bui, T.H.H., Wang, J. and Ho, B. (2005) Spatial and temporal coordination of expression of immune response genes during Pseudomonas infection of horseshoe crab, Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda. Genes and Immunity, 6 (7). pp. 557-574.

Solomon, P.S., Tan, K.C., Sanchez, P., Cooper, R.M. and Oliver, R.P. (2004) The disruption of a Ga subunit sheds new light on the pathogenicity of Stagonospora nodorum on wheat. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 17 (5). pp. 456-466.

Solomon, P.S., Tan, K-C and Oliver, R.P. (2003) The nutrient supply of pathogenic fungi; a fertile field for study. Molecular Plant Pathology, 4 (3). pp. 203-210.

Conference Item

Oliver, R.P., Solomon, P.S., Hane, J.K., Tan, K.C., Lowe, R.G.T., Waters, O.D.C., Stukenbrock, E.H., McDonald, B.A. and Friesen, T.L. (2007) Fungal proteins, metabolites and signalling pathways controlling the interaction between wheat and Stagonospora nodorum. In: XIII International Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 21 - 27 July, Sorrento, Italy.


Tan, Kar-Chun (2007) Role of signal transduction in the pathogenicity of Stagonospora nodorum on wheat. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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