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Journal Article

Woolford, L., O'Hara, A.J., Bennett, M.D., Slaven, M., Swan, R.A., Friend, J.A., Ducki, A., Sims, C., Hill, S., Warren, K.S. and Nicholls, P.K. (2008) Cutaneous papillomatosis and carcinomatosis in the Western barred bandicoot (Perameles bougainville). Veterinary Pathology, 45 (1). pp. 95-103.

Bennett, M.D., Woolford, L., O'Hara, A.J., Nicholls, P.K., Warren, K.S., Friend, J.A. and Swan, R.A. (2007) Klossiella quimrensis (Apicomplexa: Klossiellibae) causes renal coccidiosis in western barred bandicoots Perameles bougainville (Marsupialia: Peramelidae) in Western Australia. Journal of Parasitology, 93 (1). pp. 89-92.

Woolford, L., Rector, A., Van Ranst, M., Ducki, A., Bennett, M.D., Nicholls, P.K., Warren, K.S., Swan, R.A., Wilcox, G.E. and O'Hara, A.J. (2007) A novel virus detected in papillomas and carcinomas of the endangered western barred bandicoot (Perameles bougainville) exhibits genomic features of both the Papillomaviridae and Polyomaviridae. Journal of Virology, 81 (4). pp. 13280-13290.

Warren, K., Swan, R., Bodetti, T., Friend, T., Hill, S. and Timms, P. (2005) Ocular Chlamydiales infections of western barred bandicoots (Perameles bougainville) in Western Australia. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 36 (1). pp. 100-102.

O'Hara, A.J., Warren, K.S., Swan, R.A., Simms, C. and Friend, J.A. (2004) Cutaneous papillomatosis and carcinomatosis in the highly endangered Western Barred Bandicoot. Veterinary Dermatology, 15 (s1). p. 25.

Warren, K.S., Swan, R.A., Morgan-Ryan, U.M., Friend, J.A. and Elliot, A. (2003) Cryptosporidium muris infection in bilbies (Macrotis lagotis). Australian Veterinary Journal, 81 (12). pp. 739-741.

Bodetti, T.J., Viggers, K., Warren, K., Swan, R., Conaghty, S., Sims, C. and Timms, P. (2003) Wide range of Chlamydiales types detected in native Australian mammals. Veterinary Microbiology, 96 (2). pp. 177-187.

Verschoor, E.J., Warren, K.S., Langenhuijzen, S., Heriyanto, , Swan, R.A. and Heeney, J.L. (2001) Analysis of two genomic variants of orang-utan hepadnavirus and their relationship to other primate hepatitis B-like viruses. Journal of General Virology, 82 (4). pp. 893-897.

Warren, K.S., Verschoor, E.J., Langenhuijzen, S., Heriyanto, , Swan, R.A., Vigilant, L. and Heeney, J.L. (2001) Speciation and intrasubspecific variation of Bornean orangutans, Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 18 (4). pp. 472-480.

Taylor, K.L., Swan, R.A. and Chapman, H.M. (2000) Agricultural consultancy — a career choice for veterinarians. Australian Veterinary Journal, 78 (7). pp. 489-493.

Warren, K.S., Nijmian, I.J., Lenstra, J.A., Swan, R.A., Heriyanto, and den Boer, M. (2000) Microsatellite DNA variation in Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus). Journal of Medical Primatology, 29 (2). pp. 57-62.

Swan, R.A. and Sicouri, O. (1999) Evidence of sperm storage in the female ostrich. Australian Veterinary Journal, 77 (10). pp. 649-650.

Warren, K.S., Heeney, J.L., Swan, R.A., Heriyanto, and Verschoor, E.J. (1999) A new group of hepadnaviruses naturally infecting Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus). Journal of Virology, 73 (9). pp. 7860-7865.

Verschoor, E.J., Warren, K.S., Niphuis, H., Heriyanto, , Swan, R.A. and Heeney, J.L. (1998) Characterization of a simian T-lymphotropic virus from a wild-caught orang-utan (Pongo pygmaeus) from Kalimantan, Indonesia. Journal of General Virology, 79 (1). pp. 51-55.

Warren, K.S., Swan, R.A., Hobbs, R.P., Heriyanto, , Kuhn, E.M. and Heeney, J.L. (1998) Platynosomum fastosum in ex-captive orangutans from Indonesia. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 34 (3). pp. 644-646.

Swan, R.A. and Lindsey, M.J. (1998) Treatment and control by vaccination of erysipelas in farmed emus (Dromaius novo-hollandiae). Australian Veterinary Journal, 76 (5). pp. 325-327.

Warren, K., Bolton, J., Swan, R., Gaynor, W. and Pond, L. (1996) Treatment of gastrointestinal tract impaction of a 2-year-old Asian elephant (Elephas maximus). Australian Veterinary Journal, 73 (1). pp. 37-38.

Cullen, L.K., Goerke, M.A., Swan, R.A., Clark, W.T., Nandapi, D. and Colbourne, C. (1995) Ostrich anaesthesia: xylazine premedication followed by alphaxalone/alphadolone and isoflurane. Australian Veterinary Journal, 72 (4). pp. 153-154.

Costa, N.D., McDonald, D.E. and Swan, R.A. (1993) Age-related changes in plasma biochemical values of farmed emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae). Australian Veterinary Journal, 70 (9). pp. 341-344.

Chapman, H.M., Copland, R.S., Swan, R.A. and Robertson, I.D. (1991) A survey of farmers' attitudes to services provided by consulting veterinarians to the Western Australian sheep industry. Australian Veterinary Journal, 68 (6). pp. 196-198.

Swan, R.A., Hawkins, C.D. and Chapman, H.M. (1985) Control of perineal squamous cell carcinoma in ewes. Australian Veterinary Journal, 62 (s1). p. 143.

Roberts, J.L. and Swan, R.A. (1981) Quantitative studies of ovine haemonchosis. I. Relationship between faecal egg counts and total worm counts. Veterinary Parasitology, 8 (2). pp. 165-171.

Conference Item

O'Hara, A.J., Woolford, L., Bennett, M.D., Rector, A., Van Ranst, M., Ducki, A., Nicholls, P.K., Swan, R.A., Wilcox, G.E. and Warren, K.S. (2008) Papillomatosis in marsupials bandicoots: pathology, virology and treatment. In: Australian Society for Veterinary Pathology (ASVP) Conference, 3 - 6 July, Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

O'Hara, A., Warren, K.S., Swan, R., Ducki, A., Tims, P., Bodetti, T., Sims, C., Friend, T., Hill, S. and Thomas, N. (2005) Investigation of cutaneous papillomatosis and ocular chlamydiales infection affecting endangered western barred bandicoots (Perameles bougainville) in the wild. In: Wildlife Disease Association International Conference, 26 June - 1 July, Cairns, Qld, Australia.


Warren, K.S. and Swan, R.A. (2002) Re-introduction of orang-utans in Indonesia. Re-Introduction news, 21 . pp. 24-26.

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