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Sun, C.Q. and Bai, C. (1999) Modelling of non-uniform electrical potential barriers for metal surfaces with chemisorbed oxygen. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 9 (27). pp. 5823-5836.

Sun, C.Q. (1998) On the nature of the O-Rh(110) multiphase ordering. Surface Science, 398 (3). L320-L326.

Sun, C.Q. (1998) Origin and Processes of O-Cu(001) and the O-Cu(110) Biphase Ordering. International Journal of Modern Physics B, 12 (09). pp. 951-964.

Sun, C.Q. (1997) Angular-resolved VLEED from O-Cu(001): Valence bands, chemical bonds, potential barrier, and energy states. International Journal of Modern Physics B, 11 (25). pp. 3073-3091.

Sun, C.Q. (1997) Coincidence in angular-resolved VLEED spectra: Brillouin zones, atomic shifts and energy bands. Vacuum, 48 (6). pp. 543-546.

Sun, C.Q. (1997) Exposure-resolved VLEED from the O-Cu(001: bonding dynamics. Vacuum, 48 (6). pp. 535-541.

Sun, C.Q. (1997) Oxygen-reduced inner potential and work function in VLEED. Vaccine, 48 (10). pp. 865-869.

Sun, C. (1997) Spectral sensitivity of the VLEED to the bonding geometry and the potential barrier of the O-Cu(001) surface. Vacuum, 48 (5). pp. 491-498.

Sun, C.Q. (1997) Time-resolved VLEED from the O-Cu(001): atomic processes of oxidation. Vacuum, 48 (6). pp. 525-530.

Sun, C.Q. (1997) A model of bond-and-band for the behavior of nitrides. Modern Physics Letters B, 11 (23). pp. 1021-1029.

Thurgate, S.M. and Sun, C. (1995) Very-low-energy electron-diffraction analysis of oxygen on Cu(001). Physical Review B, 51 (4). pp. 2410-2417.


Sun, Chang Qing (1995) Modelling of bond structure and potential barrier of O-Cu(001) surface characterised by STM/S and VLEED. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.

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