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Journal Article

Shao, K. (2012) Chinese culture and intellectual property: Let's realise we have been misguided. The WIPO Journal: Analysis of Intellectual Property Issues, 4 (1). pp. 103-110.

Shao, K. (2011) Monopoly or reward? The origin of copyright and authorship in England, France and China and a new criticism of intellectual property. Hong Kong Law Journal, 41 (Part 3). pp. 731-757.

Shao, K. (2011) Patent Law, National Strategies and Policy Incentives: China's Road to a Leading Innovator. The International Trade and Business Law Review, 14 . pp. 85-103.

Shao, K. (2010) The Global Debates on Intellectual Property: What if China is not a Born Pirate? Intellectual Property Quarterly, 4 . pp. 341-355.

Shao, K. (2010) The Promotion of Learning in Chinese History: Discovering the Lost Soul of Modern Copyright. Columbia Journal of Asian Law, 24 (1). pp. 63-85.

Shao, K. (2010) Understanding Trademark Law from the Perspective of Economic History: a Sino-European Comparison. Tsinghua Law Review, 4 (5). pp. 139-151.

Shao, K. (2009) From Lockean Theory to Intellectual Property: Marriage by Mistake and its Incompatibility with Knowledge, Creativity and Dissemination. Hong Kong Law Journal, 39 (2). pp. 401-420.

Shao, K. (2009) Software protection in China: a clip of the post-TRIPS expansionism of intellectual property. International Journal of Private Law, 2 (1). pp. 46-61.

Shao, K. (2006) What May Validate Intellectual Property in a Traditional Chinese Mind? Examining the U.S.-China IP Disputes through a Historical Inquiry. Journal of Information, Law and Technology, 1 . pp. 1-22.

Shao, K. (2005) Alien to Copyright?: A Reconsideration of the Chinese Historical Episodes of Copyright. Intellectual Property Quarterly, 4 . pp. 400-431.

Shao, K. (2005) Look At My Sign! Trademarks in China from Antiquity to the Early Modern Times. The Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society, 87 . pp. 654-682.

Shao, K. (2004) Exhaustion of Rights and Free Trade in the EC: A Utilitarian Trend in Recent Cases on Parallel Import. Peking University Intellectual Property Review, 2 . pp. 207-216.

Shao, K. (2003) Approaches to the Belief in Constitutionalism. The Rule of Law Forum (Fazhi Luncong), 18 . pp. 62-67.

Shao, K. (2003) Fair or Not: Comments on the Uncertainties of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). Internet Law Review, 3 . pp. 234-246.

Shao, K. (2003) On the Premises of Understanding the Positive Interactions between Confucianism and Rule of Law. Academic Journal of Soochow University, 1 . pp. 35-42.

Conference Paper

Shao, K. (2011) To Steal a Book is an Elegant Offense?: How to Analyze China’s Copyright History and the Chinese Mindset of Creativity. In: International Conference on ‘Implementing IPR Stratagem and Perfecting IPR System’, April 2011, Wuhan, China

Shao, K. (2009) A Historical Accident: the Birth of the Rhetoric of Strong Intellectual Property Rights. In: International Conference on ‘Implementing IPR Stratagem and Perfecting IPR System’, May 2009, Guangzhou, China


Shao, K. (2012) History is the key to understanding Huawei. The Conversation .

Shao, K. (2011) Copyright battles shouldn't be fought for wrong reasons. Global Times, May .

Shao, K. (2011) The seeds of democratic culture in China. The Conversation .

Shao, K. (2010) Australian Election 2010: Win-win or Compromise? China Legal Daily, 17th August .

Shao, K. (2010) China: a Pirate or an Innovator? China-Australia Entrepreneurs, December .

Shao, K. (2010) Patents could Trap Developing Nations at End of Value Chain. Global Times, 14th July .

Shao, K. (2010) The True China Knowledge that Australian Businessmen Should Know. China-Australia Entrepreneurs, September .

Shao, K. (2008) Diverse and International Career Opportunities for Australian Law Graduates. China Legal Daily, 3rd August 2008 .

Shao, K. (2008) The Two Londons that I Love. Chinese Scholars (Education Ministry, China), November 2008 .

Shao, K. (2008) The US Patent Law Facing Complete Revision. China Legal Daily, February .

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