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Publications: O'Shea, Robert

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Journal Article

Male, A.G., O’Shea, R.P., Schröger, E., Muller, D., Roeber, U. and Widmann, A. (2020) The quest for the genuine visual mismatch negativity (vMMN): Event-related potential indications of deviance detection for low-level visual features. Psychophysiology (Early View). Art. e13576.

Jack, B.N., Widmann, A., O'Shea, R.P., Schröger, E. and Roeber, U. (2017) Brain activity from stimuli that are not perceived: Visual mismatch negativity during binocular rivalry suppression. Psychophysiology, 54 (5). pp. 755-763.

O'Shea, R.P. (2017) Adult Neuroplasticity: Working One Eye Gives an Advantage to the Other. Current Biology, 27 (6). R230-R231.

O’Shea, R.P. (2017) Claparède (1904) on Monocular Stereopsis: History, Theory, and Translation. i-Perception, 8 (5).

Price, N.S.C., Jack, B.N., Roeber, U. and O’Shea, R.P. (2017) Do early neural correlates of visual consciousness show the oblique effect? A binocular rivalry and event-related potential study. PLoS ONE, 12 (12).

O'Shea, R.P., Roeber, U. and Wade, N.J. (2017) Gottfried Wilhelm Osann (1833, 1836) on Simultaneous Color Contrast: Translation and Commentary. i-Perception, 8 (4). p. 204166951771775.

O’Shea, R.P., Roeber, U. and Wade, N.J. (2017) On the discovery of monocular rivalry by Tscherning in 1898: Translation and review. i-Perception, 8 (6).

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O'Shea, R.P., Chandler, N.P. and Roy, R. (2013) Dentists make larger holes in teeth than they need to if the teeth present a visual illusion of size. PLoS ONE, 8 (10). e77343.

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Conference Item

O'Shea, R.P., Roeber, U., Heathershaw Jones, M., Durrant, E-L and Hawes, M. (2014) Predicting visual consciousness from brain activity: Roles for noise and adaptation. In: Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness 18 (ASSC 18) 18, 16 - 19 June, Brisbane, Australia.

Book Chapter

Blake, R. and O'Shea, R.P. (2017) Binocular Rivalry. In: Reference Module in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Psychology. Elsevier Science Ltd., pp. 179-187.

Blake, R. and O'Shea, R.P. (2009) Binocular rivalry. In: Squire, L.R., (ed.) Encyclopedia of Neuroscience. Elsevier Ltd, pp. 179-187.

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