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Nwoba, E.G., Parlevliet, D.A., Laird, D.W., Vadiveloo, A., Alameh, K. and Moheimani, N.R. (2019) Can solar control infrared blocking films be used to replace evaporative cooling for growth of Nannochloropsis sp. in plate photobioreactors? Algal Research, 39 .

Mehta, P., Jackson, B.A., Nwoba, E.G., Vadiveloo, A., Bahri, P.A., Mathur, A.S. and Moheimani, N.R. (2019) Continuous non-destructive hydrocarbon extraction from Botryococcus braunii BOT-22. Algal Research, 41 . Article number 101537.

Nwoba, E.G., Parlevliet, D.A., Laird, D.W., Alameh, K. and Moheimani, N.R. (2019) Light management technologies for increasing algal photobioreactor efficiency. Algal Research, 39 . p. 101433.

Nwoba, E.G., Parlevliet, D.A., Laird, D.W., Alameh, K. and Moheimani, N.R. (2019) Sustainable phycocyanin production from Arthrospira platensis using solar-control thin film coated photobioreactor. Biochemical Engineering Journal, 141 . pp. 232-238.

Vadiveloo, A., Nwoba, E.G. and Moheimani, N.R. (2019) Viability of combining microalgae and macroalgae cultures for treating anaerobically digested piggery effluent. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 82 . pp. 132-144.

Nwoba, E.G., Moheimani, N.R., Ubi, B.E., Ogbonna, J.C., Vadiveloo, A., Pluske, J.R. and Huisman, J.M. (2017) Macroalgae culture to treat anaerobic digestion piggery effluent (ADPE). Bioresource Technology, 227 . pp. 15-23.

Nwoba, E.G., Ayre, J.M., Moheimani, N.R., Ubi, B.E. and Ogbonna, J.C. (2016) Growth comparison of microalgae in tubular photobioreactor and open pond for treating anaerobic digestion piggery effluent. Algal Research, 17 . pp. 268-276.

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