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Publications: Mhando, Martin

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Mhando, M. (2015) Bongo movies: A modern African film industry in Tanzania. In: Stefanson, B. and Petty, S., (eds.) Directory of World Cinema: Africa. Intellect, Bristol, UK, pp. 38-40.

Mhando, M.R. (2015) Globalization and African Cinema: Distribution and Reception in the Anglophone Region. In: Sahle, E.N., (ed.) Globalization and Socio-Cultural Processes in Contemporary Africa. Palgrave Macmillan, New York, pp. 149-168.

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Mhando, M. (2014) Approaches to African cinema study: Defining other boundaries. In: Ukadike, N.F., (ed.) Critical Approaches to African Cinema Discourse. Lexington Books, Maryland, pp. 3-22.

Lala, G., McGarty, C., Thomas, E.F., Ebert, A., Broderick, M., Mhando, M. and Kamuronsi, Y. (2014) Messages of hope: Using positive stories of survival to assist recovery in Rwanda. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 2 (1). pp. 451-468.

Mhando, M. (2014) Rare individual in Swahili literature comes to print. Daily News, Tanzania, 24/1/2014 .

Stasiuk, G., Trees, K., Mhando, M., Asselin, J. and Murray, L.ORCID: 0000-0002-2366-7460 (2014) Wadjemup: Black Prison - White Playground. [Documentary] [Creative Output]


Mhando, M. (2012) Sails of History: The Mtepe Craftmaker. In: Indian Ocean World Conference 2012: Textile Trades and Consumption in the Indian Ocean World, from Early Times to the Present, 2 - 4 November 2012, Perth, Western Australia.


Mhando, M. (2011) The urban space in "Africa-Wood" Cinemas: An analysis of "Western Union" audiences' reception patterns. In: World Cinema Now Conference, 27 - 29 September 2011, Monash University, Vic


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Mhando, M. (2010) Participatory video production: An ideal or wishful thinking. In: MeCCSA Conference 2009, 14 - 16 January 2009, National Media Museum, Bradford

Mhando, M. (2010) Possibilities and limitations of festivals advancing african film industries with ZIFF as a case study. In: ZIFF 2010 Festival Forum, 7 - 10 July 2010, Zanzibar, Africa

Mhando, M. and Murray, L.ORCID: 0000-0002-2366-7460 (2010) Ronan's Escape. [Motion Picture] [Creative Output]

Mhando, M., Moody, D. and Tampalini, S. (2010) Witness. [Play] [Creative Output]

Tampalini, S., Mhando, M. and Moody, D. (2010) Witness: A case study of the research-based-devised play for writing in production. In: Diegetic Life Forms II: Creative arts practice and new media scholarship, 3 - 5 September 2010, Murdoch University, Western Australia

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Mhando, M. (2007) Indigenous television in Australia and Africa. In: People To People Conference, 12 - 14 September 2007, Johannesburg, South Africa

Mhando, M. and Murray, L.ORCID: 0000-0002-2366-7460 (2007) Liyarn Ngarn (Unfinished business). [Documentary] [Creative Output]

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Mhando, M. (2004) Interrogating western knowledge systems in the class: What we get from international students that we never really appreciate. In: Teaching and Learning Forum 2004: Seeking Educational excellence, 9 - 10 February 2004, Murdoch University, Western Australia

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Mhando, M. (2003) La Amistad. Senses of Cinema (Australian Cinema) (27).

Mhando, M. (2003) Pesa ya Ikombe Iko Kwenye Maji. [Documentary] [Creative Output]

Mhando, M. (2003) Ulugendo Lutalamu. [Documentary] [Creative Output]


Mhando, M. (2002) AFL: Not just a game. [Documentary] [Creative Output]


Mhando, M. (2001) Book review: Olivier Barlet, African cinemas: Decolonizing the gaze. Australasian Review of African Studies, 23 (2). p. 68.

Mhando, M. (2001) Maangamizi - The ancient one. [Motion Picture] [Creative Output]

Mhando, M. (2001) Short Films review: After the Wax. Senses of Cinema (Australian Cinema) (14).

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Mhando, M. (2000) Approaches to African cinema study. Senses of Cinema (Australian Cinema) (8).

Mhando, M. (2000) Drink-Driving: A training video. [Short Film] [Creative Output]

Mhando, M. (2000) Film Review: Fogato - Joao Ribeiro 1992. Film and Film-making in Africa: African cinema: Reviews, criticism and theory .

Mhando, M. (2000) Reflexions: Africa in the new millenium. [Documentary] [Creative Output]

Mhando, M. (2000) Southern African cinema: Towards a regional narration of the nation. In: Refiguring Postcoloniality: Beyond Literature Conference, 18 February 2000, Murdoch University, Murdoch, W.A


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Mhando, M. (1986) Mama Tumaini. [Motion Picture] [Creative Output]

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