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Journal Article

Napier, K.R., Mather, S.H., McWhorter, T.J. and Fleming, P.A. (2014) Do bird species richness and community structure vary with mistletoe flowering and fruiting in Western Australia? Emu, 114 (1). pp. 13-22.

Napier, K.R., Fleming, P.A. and McWhorter, T.J. (2014) Mistletoebirds and xylose: Australian frugivores differ in their handling of dietary sugars. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 87 (3). pp. 445-455.

Purchase, C., Napier, K.R., Nicolson, S.W., McWhorter, T.J. and Fleming, P.A. (2013) Gastrointestinal and renal responses to variable water intake in whitebellied sunbirds and New Holland honeyeaters. Journal of Experimental Biology, 216 (9). pp. 1537-1545.

Napier, K.R., McWhorter, T.J., Nicolson, S.W. and Fleming, P.A. (2013) Sugar preferences of avian nectarivores are correlated with intestinal sucrase activity. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 86 (5). pp. 499-514.

Napier, K.R., McWhorter, T.J. and Fleming, P.A. (2012) A comparison of pharmacokinetic methods for in vivo studies of nonmediated glucose absorption. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 85 (2). pp. 200-208.

Köhler, A., Verburgt, L., Fleming, P.A., McWhorter, T.J. and Nicolson, S.W. (2011) Interruptions in nectar availability: responses of White-bellied Sunbirds (Cinnyris talatala) and Brown Honeyeaters (Lichmera indistincta). Emu, 111 (3). pp. 252-258.

Iglesias, S., Tracy, C.R., Bedford, G.S., McWhorter, T.J. and Christian, K.A. (2009) Seasonal effects on intestinal enzyme activity in the Australian agamid lizard, Lophognathus temporalis. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 153 (1). pp. 89-94.

McWhorter, T.J., Caviedes-Vidal, E. and Karasov, W.H. (2009) The integration of digestion and osmoregulation in the avian gut. Biological Reviews, 84 (4). pp. 533-565.

Napier, K.R., McWhorter, T.J. and Fleming, P.A. (2008) Mechanism and rate of glucose absorption differ between an Australian honeyeater (Meliphagidae) and a lorikeet (Loriidae). Journal of Experimental Biology, 211 (22). pp. 3544-3553.

Fleming, P.A., Xie, S., Napier, K., McWhorter, T.J. and Nicolson, S.W. (2008) Nectar concentration affects sugar preferences in two Australian honeyeaters and a lorikeet. Functional Ecology, 22 (4). pp. 599-605.

Napier, K.R., Purchase, C., McWhorter, T.J., Nicolson, S.W. and Fleming, P.A. (2008) The sweet life: diet sugar concentration influences paracellular glucose absorption. Biology Letters, 4 (5). pp. 530-533.

McWhorter, T.J. and Karasov, W.H. (2007) Paracellular nutrient absorption in a gum-feeding new world primate, the common marmoset Callithrix jacchus. American Journal of Primatology, 69 (12). pp. 1399-1411.

Caviedes-Vidal, E., McWhorter, T.J., Lavin, S.R., Chediack, J.G., Tracy, C.R. and Karasov, W.H. (2007) The digestive adaptation of flying vertebrates: High intestinal paracellular absorption compensates for smaller guts. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 104 (48). pp. 19132-19137.

Tracy, C.R., McWhorter, T.J., Korine, C., Wojciechowski, M.S., Pinshow, B. and Karasov, W.H. (2007) Absorption of sugars in the Egyptian fruit bat (Rousettus aegyptiacus): a paradox explained. Journal of Experimental Biology, 210 (10). pp. 1726-1734.

Lavin, S.R., McWhorter, T.J. and Karasov, W.H. (2007) Mechanistic bases for differences in passive absorption. Journal of Experimental Biology, 210 (15). pp. 2754-2764.

Conference Paper

von Dietze, E., Napier, K.R., McWhorter, T.J. and Fleming, P.A. (2009) A welfare approach for captive wild birds. In: Australian & New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research & Teaching (ANZCCART) (2009), 28 - 30 July, Port Douglas, Queensland

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