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Publications: Marriott, Rhonda

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Journal Article

Marriott, R., Reibel, T., Gliddon, J., Griffin, D., Coffin, J., Eades, A-M, Robinson, M., Bowen, A., Kendall, S., Martin, T., Monterosso, L., Stanley, F. and Walker, R. (2020) Aboriginal research methods and researcher reflections on working two-ways to investigate culturally secure birthing for Aboriginal women. Australian Aboriginal Studies (1). pp. 36-53.

Kotz, J., Marriott, R. and Reid, C. (2020) The EPDS and Australian Indigenous women: A systematic review of the literature. Women and Birth . In Press.

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Marriott, R. and Chamberlain, C. (2019) Change is in the air: Reclaiming ancestral wisdom through Birthing on Country in Australia. Women and Birth, 32 (5). pp. 381-382.

Marriott, R., Strobel, N.A., Kendall, S., Bowen, A., Eades, A-M, Landes, J.K., Adams, C. and Reibel, T. (2019) Cultural security in the perinatal period for Indigenous women in urban areas: A scoping review. Women and Birth, 32 (5). pp. 412-426.

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O’Donnell, M., Taplin, S., Marriott, R., Lima, F. and Stanley, F.J. (2019) Infant removals: The need to address the over-representation of Aboriginal infants and community concerns of another ‘stolen generation'. Child Abuse & Neglect, 90 . pp. 88-98.

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Marriott, R., Reibel, T., Coffin, J., Gliddon, J., Griffin, D., Robinson, M., Eades, A-M and Maddox, J. (2019) “Our culture, how it is to be us” — Listening to Aboriginal women about on Country urban birthing. Women and Birth, 32 (5). pp. 391-403.

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Lima, F., Shepherd, C., Wong, J., O’Donnell, M. and Marriott, R. (2019) Trends in mental health related contacts among mothers of Aboriginal children in Western Australia (1990–2013): A linked data population-based cohort study of over 40 000 children. BMJ Open, 9 (7).

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Edmond, K.M., McAuley, K., McAullay, D., Matthews, V., Strobel, N., Marriott, R. and Bailie, R. (2018) Quality of social and emotional wellbeing services for families of young Indigenous children attending primary care centers; a cross sectional analysis. BMC Health Services Research, 18 (1).

Chan, A-W, Skeffington, P., Reid, C. and Marriott, R. (2018) Research protocol for the exploration of experiences of Aboriginal Australian mothers and healthcare professionals when using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale: a process-oriented validation study using triangulated participatory mixed methods. BMJ Open, 8 (10). e022273.

Marriott, R. (2018) The cultural security of aboriginal women birthing on noongar boodjar. Women and Birth, 31 (Supp. 1). S46.

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