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Ewens, B., Geale, S., Vafeas, C., Foxall, F., Loessl, B., Smyth, A. and McCafferty, C. (2016) Humanising the curriculum: The role of a Virtual World. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 6 (12). pp. 80-88.

Jaehne, A., Loessl, B., Frick, K., Berner, M., Hulse, G. and Balmford, J. (2012) The efficacy of stepped care models involving psychosocial treatment of alcohol use disorders and nicotine dependence: A systematic review of the literature. Current Drug Abuse Reviews, 5 . pp. 41-51.

Voderholzer, U., Piosczyk, H., Holz, J., Landmann, N., Feige, B., Loessl, B., Kopasz, M., Doerr, J.P., Riemann, D. and Nissen, C. (2011) Sleep restriction over several days does not affect long-term recall of declarative and procedural memories in adolescents. Sleep Medicine, 12 (2). pp. 170-178.

Frick, K.M., Loessl, B., Brueck, R.K., Kriston, L., Jaehne, A., Riemann, D., Gann, H., Batra, A., Wodarz, N., Mann, K.F. and Berner, M.M. (2011) What works for patients in outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction? An explorative study into clients’ evaluation of subjective factors and therapy satisfaction. Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment, 5 . pp. 27-34.

Jähne, A., Cohrs, S., Rodenbeck, A., Andreas, S., Loessl, B., Feige, B., Kloepfer, C., Hornyak, M. and Riemann, D. (2010) Nikotin: Einfluss auf den Schlaf und Relevanz für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie. Der Nervenarzt, 81 (7). pp. 844-859.

Kopasz, M., Loessl, B., Valerius, G., Koenig, E., Matthaeas, N., Hornyak, M., Kloepfer, C., Nissen, C., Riemann, D. and Voderholzer, U. (2010) No persisting effect of partial sleep curtailment on cognitive performance and declarative memory recall in adolescents. Journal of Sleep Research, 19 (1-Part-I). pp. 71-79.

Kopasz, M., Loessl, B., Hornyak, M., Riemann, D., Nissen, C., Piosczyk, H. and Voderholzer, U. (2010) Sleep and memory in healthy children and adolescents – A critical review. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 14 (3). pp. 167-177.

Frick, K., Jähne, A., Brueck, R., Loessl, B., Kriston, L., Riemann, D., Gann, H. and Berner, M. (2009) Die Alkoholismusspezifische Psychotherapie (ASP) in der Praxis – eine Therapeutenbefragung. PPmP - Psychotherapie · Psychosomatik · Medizinische Psychologie, 59 (11). pp. 416-422.

Jaehne, A., Loessl, B., Bárkai, Z., Riemann, D. and Hornyak, M. (2009) Effects of nicotine on sleep during consumption, withdrawal and replacement therapy. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 13 (5). pp. 363-377.

Brueck, R.K., Frick, K., Loessl, B., Kriston, L., Schondelmaier, S., Go, C., Haerter, M. and Berner, M. (2009) Psychometric properties of the German version of the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Code. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 36 (1). pp. 44-48.

Loessl, B., Valerius, G., Kopasz, M., Hornyak, M., Riemann, D. and Voderholzer, U. (2008) Are adolescents chronically sleep-deprived? An investigation of sleep habits of adolescents in the Southwest of Germany. Child: Care, Health and Development, 34 (5). pp. 549-556.

Berner, M., Günzler, C., Frick, K., Kriston, L., Loessl, B., Brück, R., Gann, H., Batra, A. and Mann, K. (2008) Finding the ideal place for a psychotherapeutic intervention in a stepped care approach – a brief overview of the literature and preliminary results from the Project PREDICT. International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, 17 (S1). S60-S64.

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