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Publications: Loessl, Barbara

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Journal Article

Plotzky, C., Lindwedel, U., Sorber, M., Loessl, B., König, P., Kunze, C., Kugler, C. and Meng, M. (2021) Virtual reality simulations in nurse education: A systematic mapping review. Nurse Education Today, 101 . Art. 104868.

Ngune, I., Kalembo, F., Loessl, B. and Kivuti-Bitok, L.W. (2020) Biopsychosocial risk factors and knowledge of cervical cancer among young women: A case study from Kenya to inform HPV prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa. PLoS ONE, 15 (8). Art. e0237745.

Ewens, B., Geale, S., Vafeas, C., Foxall, F., Loessl, B., Smyth, A. and McCafferty, C. (2016) Humanising the curriculum: The role of a Virtual World. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 6 (12). pp. 80-88.

Jaehne, A., Loessl, B., Frick, K., Berner, M., Hulse, G. and Balmford, J. (2012) The efficacy of stepped care models involving psychosocial treatment of alcohol use disorders and nicotine dependence: A systematic review of the literature. Current Drug Abuse Reviews, 5 . pp. 41-51.

Voderholzer, U., Piosczyk, H., Holz, J., Landmann, N., Feige, B., Loessl, B., Kopasz, M., Doerr, J.P., Riemann, D. and Nissen, C. (2011) Sleep restriction over several days does not affect long-term recall of declarative and procedural memories in adolescents. Sleep Medicine, 12 (2). pp. 170-178.

Frick, K.M., Loessl, B., Brueck, R.K., Kriston, L., Jaehne, A., Riemann, D., Gann, H., Batra, A., Wodarz, N., Mann, K.F. and Berner, M.M. (2011) What works for patients in outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction? An explorative study into clients’ evaluation of subjective factors and therapy satisfaction. Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment, 5 . pp. 27-34.

Jähne, A., Cohrs, S., Rodenbeck, A., Andreas, S., Loessl, B., Feige, B., Kloepfer, C., Hornyak, M. and Riemann, D. (2010) Nikotin: Einfluss auf den Schlaf und Relevanz für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie. Der Nervenarzt, 81 (7). pp. 844-859.

Kopasz, M., Loessl, B., Valerius, G., Koenig, E., Matthaeas, N., Hornyak, M., Kloepfer, C., Nissen, C., Riemann, D. and Voderholzer, U. (2010) No persisting effect of partial sleep curtailment on cognitive performance and declarative memory recall in adolescents. Journal of Sleep Research, 19 (1-Part-I). pp. 71-79.

Kopasz, M., Loessl, B., Hornyak, M., Riemann, D., Nissen, C., Piosczyk, H. and Voderholzer, U. (2010) Sleep and memory in healthy children and adolescents – A critical review. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 14 (3). pp. 167-177.

Frick, K., Jähne, A., Brueck, R., Loessl, B., Kriston, L., Riemann, D., Gann, H. and Berner, M. (2009) Die Alkoholismusspezifische Psychotherapie (ASP) in der Praxis – eine Therapeutenbefragung. PPmP - Psychotherapie · Psychosomatik · Medizinische Psychologie, 59 (11). pp. 416-422.

Jaehne, A., Loessl, B., Bárkai, Z., Riemann, D. and Hornyak, M. (2009) Effects of nicotine on sleep during consumption, withdrawal and replacement therapy. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 13 (5). pp. 363-377.

Brueck, R.K., Frick, K., Loessl, B., Kriston, L., Schondelmaier, S., Go, C., Haerter, M. and Berner, M. (2009) Psychometric properties of the German version of the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Code. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 36 (1). pp. 44-48.

Loessl, B., Valerius, G., Kopasz, M., Hornyak, M., Riemann, D. and Voderholzer, U. (2008) Are adolescents chronically sleep-deprived? An investigation of sleep habits of adolescents in the Southwest of Germany. Child: Care, Health and Development, 34 (5). pp. 549-556.

Berner, M., Günzler, C., Frick, K., Kriston, L., Loessl, B., Brück, R., Gann, H., Batra, A. and Mann, K. (2008) Finding the ideal place for a psychotherapeutic intervention in a stepped care approach – a brief overview of the literature and preliminary results from the Project PREDICT. International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, 17 (S1). S60-S64.

Loessl, B., Frick, K., Kriston, L., Günzler, C., Brueck, R., Batra, A., Wodarz, N., Mann, K. and Berner, M. (2008) Subjektive Wirkfaktoren aus Patientensicht in der ambulanten Behandlung von Alkoholabhängigkeit. SUCHT, 54 (3). pp. 152-190.

Loessl, B., Kopasz, M., Voderholzer, U., Riemann, D., Renkl, A. and Wirtz, M. (2007) Die Folgen des Schlafentzugs bei Jugendlichen: Kognitive, psychometrische und physiologische Effekte verschiedener Schlafprotokolle. Der Nervenarzt, 78 (S2). p. 225.

Frick, K., Loessl, B., Kriston, L., Günzler, C., Brueck, R., Batra, A., Wodarz, N., Mann, K. and Berner, M. (2007) Subjektive Wirkfaktoren aus Patientensicht in der ambulanten Behandlung von Alkoholabhängigkeit. Der Nervenarzt, 78 (Supp. 2). p. 177.

Conference Item

Loessl, B., Voderholzer, U., Riemann, D., Kopasz, M., Schabus, M., Wiater, A. and Rodenbeck, A. (2008) BMBF-Projekt Neurowissenschaften – Instruktion – Lernen: Elternedukation bei Grundschülern und Schlafrestriktion bei Jugendlichen. In: Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Schlafforschung und Schlafmedizin (DGSM), 16 - 18 October 2008, Kassel, Germany.

Balmford, J., Loessl, B., Jähne, A., Batra, A. and Berner, M. (2008) The QuitCoach – an Australian evidence based internet approach to smoking cessation. In: Deutscher Suchtkongress, Mannheim, 11 – 14 Juni 2008, Mannheim, Germany.

Loessl, B., Nissen, C., Kopasz, M., Riemann, D. and Voderholzer, U. (2008) The cost of sleep deprivation for adolescents: Cognitive, psychometric and physiological effects after sleep curtailment. In: 19th Congress of the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) 2008, 9 - 13 September 2008, Glasgow, Scotland.

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