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Publications: Lam, Chiou Peng

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Journal Article

François, M., Fenech, M., Thomas, P., Hor, M., Rembach, A., Martins, R.N., Rainey-Smith, S.R., Masters, C.L., Ames, D., Rowe, C.C., Macaulay, S.L., Hill, A.F., Leifert, W.R., Appannah, A., Barnes, M., Barnham, K., Bedo, J., Bellingham, S., Bon, L., Bourgeat, P., Brown, B.ORCID: 0000-0001-7927-2540, Buckley, R., Burnham, S., Bush, A., Chandler, G., Chen, K., Clarnette, R., Collins, S., Cooke, I., Cowie, T., Cox, K., Cuningham, E., Cyarto, E., Dang, P.A.V., Darby, D., Desmond, P., Doecke, J., Dore, V., Downing, H., Dridan, B., Duesing, K., Fahey, M., Farrow, M., Faux, N., Fernandez, S., Fernando, B., Fowler, C., Fripp, J., Frost, S., Gardener, S., Gibson, S., Graham, P., Gupta, V., Hansen, D., Harrington, K., Hone, E., Horne, M., Huckstepp, B., Jones, A., Jones, G., Kamer, A., Kanagasingam, Y., Keam, L., Kowalczyk, A., Krivdic, B., Lam, C.P., Lamb, F., Lautenschlager, N., Laws, S., Lenzo, N., Leroux, H., Lftikhar, F., Li, Q-X, Lim, F., Lim, L., Lockett, L., Lucas, K., Mano, M., Marczak, C., Martins, G., Matsumoto, Y., Bird, S., McBride, S., McKay, R., Mulligan, R., Nash, T., Nigro, J., O'Keefe, G., Ong, K., Parker, B., Pedrini, S., Peiffer, J.ORCID: 0000-0002-3331-1177, Pejoska, S., Penny, L., Perez, K., Pertile, K., Phal, P., Porter, T., Raniga, P., Restrepo, C., Riley, M., Roberts, B., Robertson, J., Rodrigues, M., Rooney, A., Rumble, R., Ryan, T., Salvado, O., Samuel, M., Saunders, I., Savage, G., Silbert, B., Sohrabi, H.R.ORCID: 0000-0001-8017-8682, Syrette, J., Szoeke, C., Taddei, K., Taddei, T., Tan, S., Tegg, M., Trivedi, D., Trounson, B., Veljanovski, R., Verdile, G., Villemagne, V., Volitakis, I., Vockler, C., Vovos, M., Vrantsidis, F., Walker, S., Watt, A., Weinborn, M., Wilson, B., Woodward, M., Yastrubetskaya, O., Yates, P., Zhang, P., Chatterjee, P., Creegan, R., De Ruyck, K., Ding, H., Groth, D., Head, R., Krause, D., Lachovitzki, R., Lim, Y.Y., Lintern, T., Mondal, A., Nuttall, S., O'Callaghan, N., Osborne, L., Pang, C., Patten, G., Tuckfield, A., Varghese, J., Wilson, A. and Zhang, Q. (2016) High content, multi-parameter analyses in buccal cells to identify Alzheimer's disease. Current Alzheimer Research, 13 (7). pp. 787-799.

Doecke, J.D., Laws, S.M., Faux, N.G., Wilson, W., Burnham, S.C., Lam, C.P., Mondal, A., Bedo, J., Bush, A.I., Brown, B.ORCID: 0000-0001-7927-2540, De Ruyck, K., Ellis, K.A., Fowler, C., Gupta, V.B., Head, R., Macaulay, S.L., Pertile, K., Rowe, C.C., Rembach, A., Rodrigues, M., Rumble, R., Szoeke, C., Taddei, K., Taddei, T., Trounson, B., Ames, D., Masters, C.L. and Martins, R.N. (2012) Blood-Based Protein Biomarkers for Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease. Archives of Neurology, 69 (10). p. 1318.

Maxville, V., Armarego, J. and Lam, C.P. (2009) Applying a reusable framework for software selection. IET Software, 3 (5). pp. 369-380.

Shastri, S., Lam, C.P. and Werner, B. (2004) A machine learning approach to generate rules for process fault diagnosis. Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 37 (6). pp. 691-697.

Lam, C.P., West, G.A.W. and Venkatesh, S. (2001) Obtaining functional parametric models using active vision strategies. Pattern Recognition, 34 (1). pp. 79-94.

Morris, J., Lee, G., Parker, K., Bundell, G.A. and Lam, C.P. (2001) Software component certification. Computer, 34 (9). pp. 30-36.

Lam, C.P., West, G.A.W. and Caelli, T.M. (1998) Validation of machine learning techniques: decision trees and finite training set. Journal of Electronic Imaging, 7 (1). pp. 94-103.

Lam, C.P., Venkatesh, S. and West, G.A.W. (1997) Hypothesis verification using parametric models and active vision strategies. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 68 (2). pp. 209-236.

Conference Paper

Maxville, V., Lam, C.P. and Armarego, J. (2008) Supporting component selection with a suite of classifiers. In: 2008 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC 2008), 1-6 June 2008, Hong Kong pp. 3946-3953.

Maxville, V., Armarego, J. and Lam, C.P. (2004) Intelligent component selection. In: 28th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC04), 28-30 September 2004, Hong Kong pp. 244-249.

Maxville, V., Armarego, J. and Lam, C.P. (2004) Learning to select software components. In: 2004 International Conference of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, 22-24 June 2004, Banff, Canada pp. 421-426.

Smyth, W.F., Lam, C.P., Chen, X. and Maxville, V. (2003) Heuristics for image retrieval using spatial configurations. In: Seventh International Confernece on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA 2003), 10 - 12 December 2003, Sydney, Australia

Maxville, V., Armarego, J. and Lam, C.P. (2003) Selecting components: a process for context-driven evaluation. In: 10th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC03), 10-12 December 2003, Chiangmai, Thailand pp. 456-465.

Peng, S., Lam, C.P. and Cole, G.R. (2003) A biologically inspired four legged walking robot. In: 2003 IEEE International Conference on Robotics & Automation, 14 - 19 September 2003, Taipei, Taiwan pp. 2024-2030.

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