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Publications: Johnston, Kerrylyn

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Journal Article

Robson, B.J., Chester, E.T., Matthews, T.G. and Johnston, K. (2018) Post-wildfire recovery of invertebrate diversity in drought-affected headwater streams. Aquatic Sciences, 80 (2). Article 21.

Brown, L.E., Holden, J., Palmer, S.M., Johnston, K., Ramchunder, S.J. and Grayson, R. (2015) Effects of fire on the hydrology, biogeochemistry, and ecology of peatland river systems. Freshwater Science, 34 (4). pp. 1406-1425.

Johnston, K. and Robson, B.J. (2015) Experimental effects of ash deposition on macroinvertebrate assemblages in peatland streams. Marine and Freshwater Research, 69 (11). pp. 1681-1691.

Holden, J., Palmer, S.M., Johnston, K., Wearing, C., Irvine, B. and Brown, L.E. (2015) Impact of prescribed burning on blanket peat hydrology. Water Resources Research, 51 (8). pp. 6472-6484.

Richman, N.I., Bohm, M., Adams, S.B., Alvarez, F., Bergey, E.A., Bunn, J.J.S., Burnham, Q., Cordeiro, J., Coughran, J., Crandall, K.A., Dawkins, K.L., DiStefano, R.J., Doran, N.E., Edsman, L., Eversole, A.G., Fureder, L., Furse, J.M., Gherardi, F., Hamr, P., Holdich, D.M., Horwitz, P., Johnston, K., Jones, C.M., Jones, J.P.G., Jones, R.L., Jones, T.G., Kawai, T., Lawler, S., Lopez-Mejia, M., Miller, R.M., Pedraza-Lara, C., Reynolds, J.D., Richardson, A.M.M., Schultz, M.B., Schuster, G.A., Sibley, P.J., Souty-Grosset, C., Taylor, C.A., Thoma, R.F., Walls, J., Walsh, T.S. and Collen, B. (2015) Multiple drivers of decline in the global status of freshwater crayfish (Decapoda: Astacidea). Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 370 (1662). p. 20140060.

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Chester, E.T., Matthews, T.G., Howson, T.J., Johnston, K., Mackie, J.K., Strachan, S.R. and Robson, B.J. (2014) Constraints upon the response of fish and crayfish to environmental flow releases in a regulated headwater stream network. PLoS ONE, 9 (3).

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Brown, L.E., Johnston, K., Palmer, S.M., Aspray, K.L. and Holden, J. (2013) River ecosystem response to prescribed vegetation burning on blanket peatland. PLoS ONE, 8 (11). e81023.

Johnston, K., Robson, B.J. and Austin, C.M. (2010) Population structure and life history characteristics of the freshwater crayfish Gramastacus insolitus and Geocharax falcata (Parastacidae) in the Grampians National Park, Australia. Freshwater Crayfish, 17 . pp. 245-253.

Brown, L.E., Mitchell, G., Holden, J., Folkard, A., Wright, N., Beharry-Borg, N., Berry, G., Brierley, B., Chapman, P., Clarke, S.J., Cotton, L., Dobson, M., Dollar, E., Fletcher, M., Foster, J., Hanlon, A., Hildon, S., Hiley, P., Hillis, P., Hoseason, J., Johnston, K., Kay, P., McDonald, A., Parrott, A., Powell, A., Slack, R.J., Sleigh, A., Spray, C., Tapley, K., Underhill, R. and Woulds, C. (2010) Priority water research questions as determined by UK practitioners and policy makers. Science of The Total Environment, 409 (2). pp. 256-266.

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Johnston, K., Robson, B.J. and Austin, C.M. (2008) Population structure and life history characteristics of Euastacus bispinosus and Cherax destructor (Parastacidae) in the Grampians National Park, Australia. Freshwater Crayfish, 16 . pp. 165-173.

Johnston, K. and Robson, B.J. (2005) Habitat use by the hymenosomatid crab Amarinus lacustris (Chilton) in two south-eastern Australian rivers. Marine and Freshwater Research, 56 (1). pp. 37-44.

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