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Journal Article

Hu, C.J., Gibbs, R.A. and Ho, G.E. (1997) Evaluation of culture media for detection of salmonellae in composted biosolids. Water Research, 31 (10). pp. 2664-2667.

Gibbs, R.A., Hu, C.J., Ho, G. and Unkovich, I. (1997) Regrowth of faecal coliforms and salmonellae in stored biosolids and soil amended with biosolids. Water Science & Technology, 35 (11-12). pp. 269-275.

Hu, C.J., Gibbs, R.A., Mort, N.R., Hofstede, H.T., Ho, G. and Unkovich, I. (1996) Giardia and its implications for sludge disposal. Water Science & Technology, 34 (7-8). pp. 179-186.

Gibbs, R.A., Hu, C.J., Ho, G. and Phillips, P.A. (1995) Pathogen die-off in stored wastewater sludge. Water Science & Technology, 31 (5-6). pp. 91-95.

Hu, C.J. and Gibbs, R.A. (1995) A comparison of culture methods for the detection of Salmonella in wastewater sludge. Water Science and Technology, 31 (5-6). pp. 303-306.

Conference Paper

Gibbs, R., Hu, C., Ho, G. and Oliver, J. (1999) Management of wastewater sludges to minimise risks from human pathogens. In: Proceedings of the International Regional Conference on Environmental Technologies for Wastewater Management, December 1997, Perth, Western Australia pp. 113-212.

Hu, C.J., Gibbs, R.A., Ho, G.E. and Unkovich, I. (1997) A recommended method for detecting salmonellae in composted biosolids. In: Proceedings of the 17th Federal Convention of the Australian Water and Wastewater Association, 16 - 21 March, Melbourne, Australia pp. 238-243.

Gibbs, R.A., Hu, C.J., Ho, G., Phillips, P.A. and Unkovich, I. (1995) Die-off of human pathogens in sludge amended soil. In: 16th Federal Convention of the Australian Water & Wastewater Association, 2 - 6 April, Sydney, Australia pp. 667-674.

Hu, C.J., Gibbs, R.A. and Ho, G.E. (1995) Pathogen densities in wastewater sludge treated by anaerobic digestion and dewatering. In: 3rd International Conference on Appropriate Waste Management Technologies for Developing Countries, 25 - 26 February, NEERI, Nagpur, India pp. 23-32.


Hu, Catherine (1994) Development of a presence / absence test for detection of salmonella in wastewater sludge. Honours thesis, Murdoch University.


Hu, C.J., Gibbs, R.A. and Ho, G. (1995) Detection of salmonella in composted wastewater sludge: a report on a research project carried out for the Water Authority of Western Australia. Institute for Environmental Science, Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia.

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