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Journal Article

Hill, C.B., Wong, D., Tibbits, J., Forrest, K., Hayden, M., Zhang, X-Q, Westcott, S., Angessa, T.T. and Li, C. (2019) Targeted enrichment by solution-based hybrid capture to identify genetic sequence variants in barley. Scientific Data, 6 (1).

Debnath, M., Ashwath, N., Hill, C.B., Callahan, D.L., Dias, D.A., Jayasinghe, N.S., Midmore, D.J. and Roessner, U. (2018) Comparative metabolic and ionomic profiling of two cultivars of Stevia rebaudiana Bert. (Bertoni) grown under salinity stress. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 129 . pp. 56-70.

Sarabia, L.D., Boughton, B.A., Rupasinghe, T.W.T., van de Meene, A.M.L., Callahan, D.L., Hill, C.B. and Roessner, U. (2018) High-mass-resolution MALDI mass spectrometry imaging reveals detailed spatial distribution of metabolites and lipids in roots of barley seedlings in response to salinity stress. Metabolomics, 14 (5).

Hill, C.B., Angessa, T.T., McFawn, L-A, Wong, D., Tibbits, J., Zhang, X-Q, Forrest, K., Moody, D., Telfer, P., Westcott, S., Diepeveen, D., Xu, Y., Tan, C., Hayden, M. and Li, C. (2018) Hybridisation-based target enrichment of phenology genes to dissect the genetic basis of yield and adaptation in barley. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 17 (5). pp. 932-944.

Yu, D., Rupasinghe, T.W.T., Boughton, B.A., Natera, S.H.A., Hill, C.B., Tarazona, P., Feussner, I. and Roessner, U. (2018) A high-resolution HPLC-QqTOF platform using parallel reaction monitoring for in-depth lipid discovery and rapid profiling. Analytica Chimica Acta, 1026 . pp. 87-100.

Cao, D., Lutz, A., Hill, C.B., Callahan, D.L. and Roessner, U. (2017) A quantitative profiling method of phytohormones and other metabolites applied to barley roots subjected to salinity stress. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7 .

Shabala, L., Zhang, J., Pottosin, I.I., Bose, J., Zhu, M., Fuglsang, A.T., Velarde-Buendia, A., Massart, A., Hill, C.B., Roessner, U., Bacic, A., Wu, H., Azzarello, E., Pandolfi, C., Zhou, M., Poschenrieder, C., Mancuso, S. and Shabala, S. (2016) Cell-type specific H+-ATPase activity enables root K+ retention and mediates acclimation to salinity. Plant Physiology . In Press.

Hill, C.B., Cassin, A., Keeble-Gagnère, G., Doblin, M.S., Bacic, A. and Roessner, U. (2016) De novo transcriptome assembly and analysis of differentially expressed genes of two barley genotypes reveal root-zone-specific responses to salt exposure. Scientific Reports, 6 . p. 31558.

Hill, C.B. and Li, C. (2016) Genetic architecture of flowering phenology in cereals and opportunities for crop improvement. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7 .

Natera, S.H.A., Hill, C.B., Rupasinghe, T.W.T. and Roessner, U. (2016) Salt-stress induced alterations in the root lipidome of two barley genotypes with contrasting responses to salinity. Functional Plant Biology, 43 (2). pp. 207-219.

Hill, C.B., Taylor, J.D., Edwards, J., Mather, D., Langridge, P., Bacic, A. and Roessner, U. (2015) Detection of QTL for metabolic and agronomic traits in wheat with adjustments for variation at genetic loci that affect plant phenology. Plant Science, 233 . pp. 143-154.

Hill, C.B., Czauderna, T., Klapperstück, M., Roessner, U. and Schreiber, F. (2015) Metabolomics, standards, and metabolic modeling for synthetic biology in plants. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 3 .

Dias, D.A., Hill, C.B., Jayasinghe, N.S., Atieno, J., Sutton, T. and Roessner, U. (2015) Quantitative profiling of polar primary metabolites of two chickpea cultivars with contrasting responses to salinity. Journal of Chromatography B, 1000 . pp. 1-13.

Hill, C.B., Jha, D., Bacic, A., Tester, M. and Roessner, U. (2013) Characterization of ion contents and metabolic responses to salt stress of different arabidopsis AtHKT1;1 genotypes and their parental strains. Molecular Plant, 6 (2). pp. 350-368.

Hill, C.B., Taylor, J.D., Edwards, J., Mather, D., Bacic, Antony, Langridge, P. and Roessner, U. (2013) Whole genome mapping of agronomic and metabolic traits to identify novel quantitative trait loci in bread wheat grown in a water-limited environment. Plant Physiology . Article 217851.

Book Chapter

Sarabia, L.D., Hill, C.B., Boughton, B.A. and Roessner, U. (2018) Advances of metabolite profiling of plants in challenging environments. In: Annual Plant Reviews Online. John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Hill, C.B., Dias, D.A. and Roessner, U. (2015) Current and emerging applications of metabolomics in the field of agricultural biotechnology. In: Ravishankar, R.V., (ed.) Advances in Food Biotechnology. John Wiley & Sons Ltd, pp. 13-26.

Hill, C.B., Bacic, A. and Roessner, U. (2014) LC-MS profiling to link metabolic and phenotypic diversity in plant mapping populations. In: Raftery, D., (ed.) Mass Spectrometry in Metabolomics: Methods and Protocols. Springer New York, pp. 29-41.

Hill, C.B. and Roessner, U. (2013) Metabolic profiling of plants by GC-MS. In: Weckwerth, W. and Kahl, G., (eds.) The Handbook of Plant Metabolomics. John Wiley & Sons Inc., pp. 1-23.

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