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Hays, G.C., Ferreira, L.C., Sequeira, A.M.M., Meekan, M.G., Duarte, C.M., Bailey, H., Bailleul, F., Bowen, W.D., Caley, M.J., Costa, D.P., Eguíluz, V.M., Fossette, S., Friedlaender, A.S., Gales, N., Gleiss, A.C., Gunn, J., Harcourt, R., Hazen, E.L., Heithaus, M.R., Heupel, M., Holland, K., Horning, M., Jonsen, I., Kooyman, G.L., Lowe, C.G., Madsen, P.T., Marsh, H., Phillips, R.A., Righton, D., Ropert-Coudert, Y., Sato, K., Shaffer, S.A., Simpfendorfer, C.A., Sims, D.W., Skomal, G., Takahashi, A., Trathan, P.N., Wikelski, M., Womble, J.N. and Thums, M. (2016) Key questions in marine megafauna movement ecology. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 31 (6). pp. 463-475.


Smith, J.N.ORCID: 0000-0001-9912-422X, Grantham, H.S., Gales, N., Double, M.C., Noad, M.J. and Paton, D. (2012) Identification of humpback whale breeding and calving habitat in the Great Barrier Reef. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 447 . pp. 259-272.


Bejder, L., Samuels, A., Whitehead, H., Gales, N., Mann, J., Connor, R., Heithaus, M.R., Watson-Capps, J., Flaherty, C. and Krützen, M. (2006) Decline in relative abundance of bottlenose dolphins exposed to long-term disturbance. Conservation Biology, 20 (6). pp. 1791-1798.

Bejder, L., Whitehead, H., Samuels, A., Mann, J., Connor, R., Gales, N., Heithaus, M.R., Watson-Capps, J. and Flaherty, C. (2006) Decline in relative abundance of bottlenose dolphins exposed to long-term disturbance. In: 2nd National Wildlife Tourism Conference 2006, 13 - 15 August, Fremantle.

Bejder, L., Samuels, A., Whitehead, H. and Gales, N. (2006) Interpreting short-term behavioural responses to disturbance within a longitudinal perspective. Animal Behaviour, 72 (5). pp. 1149-1158.


Gales, N.J., Williamson, P., Higgins, L.V., Blackberry, M.A. and James, I. (1997) Evidence for a prolonged postimplantation period in the Australian sea lion (Neophoca cinerea). Journal of Reproduction and Fertility, 111 (2). pp. 159-163.


Gales, N.J., Costa, D.P. and Kretzmann, M. (1996) Proximate composition of Australian sea lion milk throughout the entire Supra-annual lactation period. Australian Journal of Zoology, 44 (6). pp. 651-657.


Gales, Nicholas John (1995) Breeding biology of the Australian sea lion Neophoca cinerea. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.


Williamson, P., Gales, N.J. and Lister, S. (1990) Use of real-time B-mode ultrasound for pregnancy diagnosis and measurement of fetal growth rate in captive bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). Reproduction, 88 (2). pp. 543-548.


Gales, N.J. and Burton, H.R. (1988) Use of emetics and anaesthesia for dietary assessment of weddell seals. Wildlife Research, 15 (4). pp. 423-433.


Richardson, K.C. and Gales, N.J. (1987) Functional-Morphology of the alimentary-tract of the Australian sea-lion, neophoca-cinerea. Australian Journal of Zoology, 35 (3). pp. 219-226.

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