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Publications: Donaghue, Ngaire

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Journal Article

Cain, P., Donaghue, N. and Ditchburn, G. (2022) Development and validation of the Fat Attitudes Assessment Toolkit (FAAT): A multidimensional nonstigmatizing measure of contemporary attitudes toward fatness and fat people. Journal of Applied Social Psychology . Early View.

Coleman, M.J., Barber, B.L. and Donaghue, N. (2018) Aesthetic salience and flow in young athletes: Exploring the moderating role of personality, gender, and age. Australian Journal of Psychology, 70 (4). pp. 369-377.

Stuart, A., Thomas, E.F. and Donaghue, N. (2018) “I don't really want to be associated with the self-righteous left extreme”: Disincentives to participation in collective action. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 6 (1). pp. 242-270.

Cain, P. and Donaghue, N. (2018) Political and health messages are differently palatable: A critical discourse analysis of women’s engagement with Health At Every Size and fat acceptance messages. Fat Studies . In Press.

Cain, P., Donaghue, N. and Ditchburn, G.J. (2017) Concerns, culprits, counsel, and conflict: A thematic analysis of “obesity” and fat discourse in digital news media. Fat Studies, 6 (2). pp. 170-188.

Hartley, L.K., Lala, G., Donaghue, N. and McGarty, C. (2016) How activists respond to social structure in offline and online contexts. Journal of Social Issues, 72 (2). pp. 376-398.

Donaghue, N. and Allen, M. (2016) “People don't care as much about their health as they do about their looks”: Personal trainers as intermediaries between aesthetic and health-based discourses of exercise participation and weight management. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 14 (1).

Monson, O., Donaghue, N. and Gill, R. (2016) Working hard on the outside: A multimodal critical discourse analysis of The Biggest Loser Australia. Social Semiotics, 26 (5). pp. 1-17.

Donaghue, N. (2015) The ‘Facts’ of Life?: How the notion of evolved brain differences between women and men naturalises biological accounts of Sex/Gender. Australian Feminist Studies, 30 (86). pp. 359-365.

Gill, R. and Donaghue, N. (2015) Resilience, apps and reluctant individualism: Technologies of self in the neoliberal academy. Women's Studies International Forum, 54 . pp. 91-99.

Donaghue, N. (2015) Who Gets Played By ‘The Gender Card’? A Critical Discourse Analysis of Coverage of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s Sexism and Misogyny Speech in the Australian Print Media. Australian Feminist Studies, 30 (84). pp. 161-178.

Monson, O. and Donaghue, N. (2015) “You Get the Baby You Need”: Negotiating the Use of Assisted Reproductive Technology for Social Sex Selection in Online Discussion Forums. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 12 (3). pp. 298-313.

Carey, R.N., Donaghue, N. and Broderick, P. (2014) Body image concern among Australian adolescent girls: The role of body comparisons with models and peers. Body Image, 11 (1). pp. 81-84.

O'Brien, G., Donaghue, N., Walker, I. and Wood, C. (2014) Deservingness and gratitude in the context of heart transplantation. Qualitative Health Research, 24 (12). pp. 1635-1647.

Thompson, L. and Donaghue, N. (2014) The confidence trick: Competing constructions of confidence and self-esteem in young Australian women's discussions of the sexualisation of culture. Women's Studies International Forum, 47 (A). pp. 23-35.

Donaghue, N. (2014) The moderating effects of socioeconomic status on relationships between obesity framing and stigmatization of fat people. Fat Studies, 3 (1). pp. 6-16.

Williams, K., Donaghue, N. and Kurz, T. (2013) "Giving guilt the flick"?: An investigation of mothers' talk about guilt in relation to infant feeding. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 37 (1). pp. 97-112.

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Stuart, A., Thomas, E.F., Donaghue, N. and Russell, A. (2013) “We may be pirates, but we are not protesters”: Identity in the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Political Psychology, 34 (5). pp. 753-777.

Stuart, A. and Donaghue, N. (2012) Choosing to conform: The discursive complexities of choice in relation to feminine beauty practices. Feminism and Psychology, 22 (1). pp. 98-121.

Donaghue, N. and Clemitshaw, A (2012) ‘I'm totally smart and a feminist…and yet I want to be a waif’: Exploring ambivalence towards the thin ideal within the fat acceptance movement. Women's Studies International Forum, 35 (6). pp. 415-425.

Donaghue, N., Kurz, T.R. and Whitehead, K. (2011) Spinning the pole: A discursive analysis of the websites of recreational pole dancing studios. Feminism and Psychology, 21 (4). pp. 443-457.

Williams, A. and Donaghue, N. (2010) ‘Now that's a fair dinkum academic debate, but this affects people's lives’: a discursive analysis of arguments for and against the provision of warnings about potential side effects of SSRIs in a public debate. Critical Public Health, 20 (1). 15 - 24.

Carey, R.N., Donaghue, N. and Broderick, P. (2010) 'What you look like is such a big factor': interviews with adolescent girls about the appearance culture in an all-girls' school. Feminism & Psychology, 21 (3). pp. 299-316.

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Borland, R., Donaghue, N. and Hill, D. (1997) Public perceptions of drugs causing most deaths in Australia 1986–93. Drug and Alcohol Review, 16 (2). pp. 131-136.

Borland, R., Donaghue, N. and Hill, D. (1994) Illnesses that Australians most feared in 1986 and 1993. Australian Journal of Public Health, 18 (4). pp. 366-369.

Non-refereed Article

Donaghue, N. (2013) Gender bias: Why appearance focus fuels sexism in media. The Conversation, 13 April (2013).

Donaghue, N. (2013) She’s got it: Responses to Tony Abbott’s ‘sex appeal’ comments. The Conversation, 16 August .

Conference Paper

Monson, O. and Donaghue, N. (2013) Gender matters; A multimodal discourse analysis of work and winning on The Biggest Loser. In: BPS Psychology of Women Section Annual Conference, 10-12 July 2013, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 2HP, UK,

Monson, O. and Donaghue, N. (2013) Mixed messages: A multimodal analysis of the criteria for ‘success’ in The Biggest Loser. In: International Society of Critical Health Psychology 8th Biennial conference, 23 July 2013, Bradford, United Kingdom

Donaghue, N., Williams, K. and Kurz, T. (2011) Giving guilt the flick”: Infant-feeding discourses and their implications for mothers’ subjectivity. In: International Society of Critical Health Psychology 7th Biennial Conference; Advancing Critical Perspectives for Health and Health Care, 18-20 April 2011, University of Adelaide, South Australia

Donaghue, N. (2004) Misconceiving the non-conceiving: How parents and child-free people account for people’s decisions not to have children. In: Psychology of Women Section Annual Conference 2004, 7-9 July 2004, University of Brighton, UK

Conference Item

Williams, A., Donaghue, N. and Rapley, M. (2006) ‘Now that’s fair dinkum academic debate, but this affects real people’s lives’: Managing stake, categorisation and accountability in a ‘medico-academic debate’. In: 35th Annual Meeting of the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists (SASP), 20-23 April 2006, Canberra, Australia.

Pedersen, A., Donaghue, N., Villani, C., Banos de Boschini, N. and Stone, K. (2006) PMS, the false consensus effect and accuracy of estimation. In: 35th Annual Meeting of the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists (SASP), 20-23 April 2006, Canberra, Australia.

Book Chapter

Cain, P., Donaghue, N. and Ditchburn, G. (2021) Quantifying or contributing to antifat attitudes? In: Pausé, C. and Taylor, S.R., (eds.) The Routledge International Handbook of Fat Studies. Routledge as part of the Taylor and Francis Group, pp. 26-36.

Kurz, T. and Donaghue, N. (2013) Gender and Discourse. In: The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Psychology. Sage, London, pp. 61-77.


Augoustinos, M., Walker, I. and Donaghue, N. (2006) Social cognition: an integrated introduction. Sage, London.

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