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Publications: D'Orsogna, Lloyd

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Journal Article

Kermode, W., De Santis, D., Truong, L., Della Mina, E., Salman, S., Thompson, G., Nolan, D., Loh, R., Mallon, D, McLean-Tooke, A., John, M., Tangye, S.G., O'Sullivan, M. and D'Orsogna, L.J. (2022) A novel targeted amplicon Next-Generation sequencing gene panel for the diagnosis of common variable immunodeficiency has a high diagnostic yield. The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, 24 (6). pp. 586-599.

Sutton, E., De Santis, D., Hay, L., McKinnon, E., D'Orsogna, L. and Joske, D. (2020) Correlating HLA associations with follicular lymphoma in an Australian data set: A pilot study. HLA . Early View.

D'Orsogna, L., Almeida, C., van Miert, P., Zoet, Y., Anholts, J., Chopra, A., Watson, M.ORCID: 0000-0002-6438-9225, Witt, C., John, M. and Claas, F. (2019) Drug induced alloreactivity: A new paradigm for allorecognition. American Journal of Transplantation, 19 (9). pp. 2606-2613.

Almeida, C-A, van Miert, P., O’Driscoll, K., Zoet, Y.M., Chopra, A., Witt, C., John, M., Claas, F.H.J. and D’Orsogna, L.J. (2019) Virus-specific T cell clonotypes may contribute to drug hypersensitivity reactions via heterologous immunity. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 144 (2). 608-611.e4.

Fidler, S., D’Orsogna, L., Irish, A.B., Lewis, J.R., Wong, G. and Lim, W.H. (2018) Correlation and agreement between eplet mismatches calculated using serological, low-intermediate and high resolution molecular human leukocyte antigen typing methods. Oncotarget, 9 (17).

Ferrari, P., Cantwell, L., Ta, J., Woodroffe, C., DʼOrsogna, L. and Holdsworth, R. (2017) Providing better-matched donors for HLA mismatched compatible pairs through kidney paired donation. Transplantation, 101 (3). pp. 642-648.

Almeida, C., van Miert, P., O'Driscoll, K., Zoet, Y.M., Chopra, A., Watson, M.ORCID: 0000-0002-6438-9225, de Santis, D., Witt, C., John, M., Claas, F.H.J. and D'Orsogna, L.J. (2017) Stimulation of HIV-specific T cell clonotypes using allogeneic HLA. Cellular Immunology, 316 . pp. 32-40.

Wong, K.K.Y., Jackson, J., Whidborne, R., Mallon, D., Bennetts, B. and D’Orsogna, L.J. (2015) Autosomal recessive transmission of TRAPS in a family with a novel TNFRSF1 Amutation. Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology, 44 (3). pp. 255-256.

D’Orsogna, L.J., Claas, F.H.J., John, M., Almeida, C.M., van Miert, P., Fernandez, S. and Zoet, Y. (2015) OR24 Allo-HLA reactivity by HIV-specific T-cells: A potential adjunct to HIV vaccine design? Human Immunology, 76 . p. 9.

Nguyen, H.D., Wong, G., Howard, K., Claas, F.H.J., Craig, J.C., Fidler, S., D’Orsogna, L., Chapman, J.R., Irish, A., Ferrari, P., Christiansen, F.T. and Lim, W.H. (2014) Modeling the benefits and costs of integrating an acceptable HLA mismatch allocation model for highly sensitized patients. Transplantation, 97 (7). pp. 769-774.

Brunt, S.J., Lee, S., D’Orsogna, L.J., Bundell, C., Burrows, S. and Price, P. (2014) The use of humoral responses as a marker of CMV burden in HIV patients on ART requires consideration of T-Cell recovery and persistent B-Cell activation. Disease Markers, 2014 . pp. 1-8.

D'Orsogna, L.J., Nguyen, T.H.O., Claas, F.H.J., Witt, C. and Mifsud, N.A. (2013) Endogenous-peptide-dependent alloreactivity: new scientific insights and clinical implications. Tissue Antigens, 81 (6). pp. 399-407.

Fidler, S., Swaminathan, R., Lim, W., Ferrari, P., Witt, C., Christiansen, F.T., D'Orsogna, L.J. and Irish, A.B. (2013) Peri-operative third party red blood cell transfusion in renal transplantation and the risk of antibody-mediated rejection and graft loss. Transplant Immunology, 29 (1-4). pp. 22-27.

Ferrari, P., Fidler, S., Woodroffe, C., Tassone, G. and D’Orsogna, L. (2012) Comparison of time on the deceased donor kidney waitlist versus time on the kidney paired donation registry in the Australian program. Transplant International, 25 (10). pp. 1026-1031.

Ferrari, P., Fidler, S., Woodroffe, C., Tassone, G. and D'Orsogna, L. (2012) High Transplant Rates of Highly-Sensitized Recipients with Virtual Crossmatching in Kidney Paired Donation: 722. Transplantation, 94 (10s). p. 1093.

D'Orsogna, L.J., van den Heuvel, H., van der Meer-Prins, E.M.W., Roelen, D.L., Doxiadis, I.I.N. and Claas, F.H.J. (2012) Stimulation of human EBV-and CMV-specific cytolytic effector function using allogeneic HLA molecules. The Journal of Immunology, 189 (10). pp. 4825-4831.

D’Orsogna, L.J., Roelen, D.L., Doxiadis, I.I.N. and Claas, F.H.J. (2012) TCR cross-reactivity and allorecognition: New insights into the immunogenetics of allorecognition. Immunogenetics, 64 (2). pp. 77-85.

Celenza, A., D'Orsogna, L.J., Tosif, S.H., Bateman, S.M., O'Brien, D., French, M.A and Martinez, O. P. (2011) Audit of emergency department assessment and management of patients presenting with community-acquired needle stick injuries. Australian Health Review, 35 (1). p. 57.

Lim, A., Amini, A., D’Orsogna, L.J., Rajasuriar, R., Kramski, M., Lewin, S.R., Purcell, D.F., Price, P. and French, M.A. (2011) Antibody and B-cell responses may control circulating lipopolysaccharide in patients with HIV infection. AIDS, 25 (11). pp. 1379-1383.

D'Orsogna, L.J.A., Roelen, D.L., Doxiadis, I.I.N. and Claas, F.H.J. (2011) Screening of viral specific T-cell lines for HLA alloreactivity prior to adoptive immunotherapy may prevent GvHD. Transplant Immunology, 24 (3). p. 141.

DʼOrsogna, L.J.A., Roelen, D.L., van der Meer-Prins, E.M.W., van der Pol, P., Franke-van Dijk, M.E., Eikmans, M., Anholts, J., Rossjohn, J., McCluskey, J., Mulder, A., van Kooten, C., Doxiadis, I.I.N. and Claas, F.H.J. (2011) Tissue specificity of cross-reactive allogeneic responses by EBV EBNA3A-specific memory T Cells. Transplantation, 91 (5). pp. 494-500.

DʼOrsogna, L.J.A., van Besouw, N.M., van der Meer-Prins, E.M.W., van der Pol, P., Franke-van Dijk, M., Zoet, Y.M., van der Slik, A., Weimar, W., van Kooten, C., Mulder, A., Roelen, D.L., Doxiadis, I.I.N. and Claas, F.H.J. (2011) Vaccine-Induced Allo-HLA–Reactive Memory T Cells in a Kidney Transplantation Candidate. Transplantation, 91 (6). pp. 645-651.

Langan, L.L., D'Orsogna, L.J., Park, L.P., Hughes, T.L., Irish, A., Luxton, G., Witt, C.S. and Christiansen, F.T. (2006) HLA antibodies and soluble CD30 are associated with poor renal graft outcome: updated results of a single-center cross-sectional study. Clinical Transplants . pp. 219-25.

Non-refereed Article

D'Orsogna, L. (2013) Researcher bags HIV study award. Guardian Express, 10 September 2013 .

Conference Item

D'Orsogna, L.J. (2016) Stimulation of HIV-specific T cell responses using allogeneic HLA. In: Science on the Swan Post Conference Workshop: Cutting Edge tools: from populations to signal cell., 6 May 2016, Perth, WA.

Almeida, C.M., Olney, A., Claas, F., Witt, C., John, M. and D'Orsogna, L.J. (2013) Cross-reactive HIV Specific TCR Clonotypes identified from an HIV-1 infected patient expressing the Protective HLA-B*27:05 Allele: Implications for Protective HIV Immunity? In: Australian Society of Immunology (ASI) Conference, 2 - 4 December 2013, Wellington, NZ.

Olney, A., Almeida, C.M., Berry, C., John, M., Witt, C. and D'Orsogna, L. (2013) Stimulating HIV memory CD8+ T cells with allogeneic cell immunotherapy. In: ASMR WA Scientific Symposium, 5th June 2013, Perth, WA.

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