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Publications: Craig, Michael

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Journal Article

Craig, M.D., Kirkby, T., Stokes, V.L., Renton, M. and Hobbs, R.J. (2022) Does the need to drink influence nest site selection in a wide-ranging threatened cockatoo? Forest Ecology and Management, 505 . Art. 119928.

Mastrantonis, S., Craig, M.D., Hobbs, R.J., Grigg, A.H. and Renton, M. (2022) Identifying optimal solutions between competing economic and conservation land use objectives for species that require widely distributed resources. Environmental Modelling & Software, 148 . Art. 105292.

Bradley, H.S., Craig, M.D., Tomlinson, S., Cross, A.T., Bamford, M.J. and Bateman, P.W. (2022) Predators in a mining landscape: Threats to a behaviourally unique, endangered lizard. Austral Ecology . Early View.

Bradley, H.S., Craig, M.D., Cross, A.T., Tomlinson, S., Bamford, M.J. and Bateman, P.W. (2022) Revealing microhabitat requirements of an endangered specialist lizard with LiDAR. Scientific Reports, 12 (1). Art. 5193.

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