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Bertalli, N.A., Allen, K.J., McLaren, C.E., Turkovic, L., Osborne, N.J., Constantine, C.C., Delatycki, M.B., English, D.R., Giles, G.G., Hopper, J.L., Anderson, G.J., Olynyk, J.K., Powell, L.W. and Gurrin, L.C. (2011) A comparison of self-reported and record-linked blood donation history in an Australian cohort. Transfusion, 51 (10). pp. 2189-2198.


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Cruz-Reyes, Aa, Constantine, C.C., Boxell, A., Hobbs, R.P. and Thompson, R.C.A. (2007) Echinococcus granulosus from Mexican pigs is the same strain as that in Polish pigs. Journal of Helminthology, 81 (03). pp. 287-292.

Njiru, Z., Constantine, C.C., Gitonga, P., Thompson, R.C.A. and Reid, S.A. (2007) Genetic variability of Trypanosoma evansi isolates detected by inter-simple sequence repeat anchored-PCR and microsatellite. Veterinary Parasitology, 147 (1-2). pp. 51-60.

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