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Booth, N. and Chapman, B. (2019) DNA recovery from fired hollow point ammunition. Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences . In Press.

Nolan, A-N, Mead, R.J., Maker, G., Bringans, S., Chapman, B. and Speers, S.J. (2019) Examination of the temporal variation of peptide content in decomposition fluid under controlled conditions using pigs as human substitutes. Forensic Science International, 298 . pp. 161-168.

Sim, J. and Chapman, B. (2019) In-field whole genome sequencing using the MinION nanopore sequencer to detect the presence of high-prized military targets. Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences, In Press .

Dunhill, T. and Chapman, B. (2019) Meta-analysis of the secondary transfer of DNA. Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences . In Press.

Boast, A., Chapman, B., Herrera, M., Worthy, T., Scofield, R., Tennyson, A., Houde, P., Bunce, M., Cooper, A. and Mitchell, K. (2019) Mitochondrial Genomes from New Zealand’s Extinct Adzebills (Aves: Aptornithidae: Aptornis) Support a Sister-Taxon Relationship with the Afro-Madagascan Sarothruridae. Diversity, 11 (2). p. 24.

Rampant, S., Coumbaros, J. and Chapman, B. (2019) Post-blast detection of human DNA on improvised explosive device fragments. Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences . In Press.

Hutchinson, S., Chapman, B. and Turbett, G. (2019) Sperm fishing: antigen-antibody complexes for the capture and enrichment of spermatozoa in mixed cell substrates. Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences . In Press.

Nolan, A-N, Speers, S.J., Murakami, J. and Chapman, B. (2018) A Pilot Study: The Effects of repeat washing and fabric type on the detection of seminal fluid and spermatozoa. Forensic Science International, 289 . pp. 51-56.

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