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Journal Article

Butler, D.J., Isoni, A., Loomes, G. and Tsutsui, K. (2014) Beyond choice: investigating the sensitivity and validity of measures of strength of preference. Experimental Economics, 17 (4). pp. 537-563.

Butler, D.J., Isoni, A., Loomes, G. and Navarro-Martinez, D. (2014) On the measurement of strength of preference in units of money. Economic Record, 90 (S1). pp. 1-15.

Butler, D.J., Isoni, A. and Loomes, G.C. (2012) Testing the ‘standard’ model of stochastic choice under risk. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 45 (3). pp. 191-213.

Butler, D.J. (2012) A choice for ‘me’ or for ‘us’? Using we-reasoning to predict cooperation and coordination in games. Theory and Decision, 73 (1). pp. 53-76.

Butler, D.J. and Loomes, G. (2011) Imprecision as an account of violations of independence and betweenness. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 80 (3). pp. 511-522.

Butler, D.J., Burbank, V. and Chisholm, J. (2011) The frames behind the games: Player's perceptions of prisoners dilemma, chicken, dictator, and ultimatum games. Journal of Socio-Economics, 40 (2). pp. 103-114.

Dufwenberg, M., Sundaram, R. and Butler, D.J. (2010) Epiphany in the Game of 21. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 75 (2). pp. 132-143.

Butler, D.J. and Loomes, G.C. (2007) Imprecision as an account of the Preference Reversal Phenomenon. American Economic Review, 97 (1). pp. 277-297.

Connolly, Terry and Butler, D.J. (2006) Regret in economic and psychological theories of choice. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 19 (2). pp. 139-154.

Butler, D.J. (2005) A Reality Check for Game Theory. Journal of Economic Surveys, 19 (1). pp. 137-147.

Butler, D.J. (2003) Evolution, the emotions, and rationality in social interaction. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 26 (2). pp. 156-157.

Butler, D.J. (2000) Do non-expected utility choice patterns spring from hazy preferences? An experimental study of choice 'errors'. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 41 (3). pp. 277-297.

Butler, D.J. and Moffatt, P.G. (2000) The demand for goods under mixture aversion. The Manchester School, 68 (3). pp. 349-359.

Butler, D.J. (1998) A choice-rule formulation of intransitive utility theory. Economics Letters, 59 (3). pp. 323-329.

Butler, D.J. and Loomes, G.C. (1997) Quasi-rational search under incomplete information: some evidence from experiments. The Manchester School, 65 (2). pp. 127-144.

Butler, D.J. (1996) The 'experimental economics' experiment. Journal of Economic Surveys, 10 (3). pp. 347-356.

Butler, D.J. (1992) An experimental investigation into the effects of uncertainty on rational behaviour in two person symmetric games. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 5 (4). pp. 283-301.

Butler, D.J. (1989) Experimental economics and the Market Process. Economic Affairs, 9 (6). pp. 28-31.

Butler, D.J. and Loomes, G.C. (1988) Decision difficulty and imprecise preferences. Acta Psychologica, 68 (1-3). pp. 183-196.

Butler, D.J. (1988) Review of J. Ford’s “Economic Choice under Uncertainty: A Perspective Theory Approach”. Journal of Economic Psychology, 10 (4). pp. 534-538.

Butler, D.J. and Hey, J.D. (1987) Experimental economics: an introductory survey. Empirica: Austrian Economic Papers, 14 (2). pp. 157-186.

Butler, D.J. (1986) No morality on a show of hands. Economic Affairs, 6 (6). pp. 52-53.

Non-refereed Article

Butler, D.J. (2016) Playing at Acquisitions: Behavioral Option Games, by Han Smit and Thras Moraitis (Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2015), pp. 192. (book review). Economic Record, 92 (297). pp. 316-317.

Conference Paper

Moffatt, P.G. and Butler, D.J. (1996) On the demand for hyper-substitutes with satiation. In: Proceedings of the Econometric Society Australasian Meeting (ESAM96), 10 - 12 July, University of Western Australia, Perth pp. 295-305.

Book Chapter

Butler, D.J. and Loomes, G.C. (1988) Decision difficulty and imprecise preferences. In: Rohrmann, B., Beach, L.R., Vlek, C. and Watson, S., (eds.) Advances in Decision Research. Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., Amsterdam, pp. 183-196.

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