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Cardwell, G., Bornman, J.F., James, A.P., Strobel, N. and Black, L.J. (2019) Dried mushrooms exposed to pulsed UV-Radiation generate nutritionally useful concentrations of dietary vitamin D. Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism, 75 . p. 156.

Sarker, A., Bornman, J.F. and Marinova, D. (2019) A Framework for Integrating Agriculture in Urban Sustainability in Australia. Urban Science, 3 (2).

Ren, D., Dickinson, R.E., Fu, R., Bornman, J.F., Guo, W., Yang, S. and Leslie, L.M. (2019) Impacts of climate warming on maximum aviation payloads. Climate Dynamics, 52 (3-4). pp. 1711-1721.

Bornman, J.F., Barnes, P.W., Robson, T.M., Robinson, S.A., Jansen, M.A.K., Ballaré, C.L. and Flint, S.D. (2019) Linkages between stratospheric ozone, UV radiation and climate change and their implications for terrestrial ecosystems. Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 18 (3). pp. 681-716.

Barnes, P.W., Williamson, C.E., Lucas, R.M., Robinson, S.A., Madronich, S., Paul, N.D., Bornman, J.F., Bais, A.F., Sulzberger, B., Wilson, S.R., Andrady, A.L., McKenzie, R.L., Neale, P.J., Austin, A.T., Bernhard, G.H., Solomon, K.R., Neale, R.E., Young, P.J., Norval, M., Rhodes, L.E., Hylander, S., Rose, K.C., Longstreth, J., Aucamp, P.J., Ballaré, C.L., Cory, R.M., Flint, S.D., de Gruijl, F.R., Häder, D-P., Heikkilä, A.M., Jansen, M.A.K., Pandey, K.K., Robson, T.M., Sinclair, C.A., Wängberg, S-Å, Worrest, R.C., Yazar, S., Young, A.R. and Zepp, R.G. (2019) Ozone depletion, ultraviolet radiation, climate change and prospects for a sustainable future. Nature Sustainability . In Press.

Greenfeld, A., Becker, N., McIlwain, J., Fotedar, R. and Bornman, J.F. (2018) Economically viable aquaponics? Identifying the gap between potential and current uncertainties. Reviews in Aquaculture, 11 (3). pp. 848-862.

Bornman, J.F. and de Gruijl, F.R. (2018) Editorial: Commemorative issue in honour of Jan van der Leun, 14 June 1928–6 July 2016. Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 17 (12). p. 1815.

Hughes, L.J., Black, L.J., Sherriff, J.L., Dunlop, E., Strobel, N., Lucas, R.M. and Bornman, J.F. (2018) Vitamin D Content of Australian Native Food Plants and Australian-Grown Edible Seaweed. Nutrients, 10 (7). p. 876.

Cardwell, G., Bornman, J., James, A. and Black, L. (2018) A review of mushrooms as a potential source of dietary Vitamin D. Nutrients, 10 (10).

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