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Journal Article

Aveling, N. (2013) Book Review: Discrimination in an unequal world, edited by Miguel Angel Centeno and Katherine S. Newman, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2010, 336 pp., 65.00, ISBN 978-0-19-973217-3. Educational Review, 65 (3). pp. 379-380.

Aveling, N. (2012) Don't talk about what you don't know: On (not) conducting research with/in indigenous contexts. Critical Studies in Education, 54 (2). pp. 203-214.

Aveling, N (2012) Indigenous studies: A matter of social justice; a matter of urgency. Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education, 6 (2). pp. 99-114.

Pearce, J., Down, B.ORCID: 0000-0003-4843-0563, Aveling, N. and Price, A.ORCID: 0000-0002-5925-1133 (2009) 'Critically' reinvigorating teacher education: Issues and dilemmas. New Community Quarterly, 7 (4). pp. 6-9.

Hatchell, H. and Aveling, N. (2008) Those same old prejudices? Gendered experiences in the science workplace. Journal of Workplace Rights, 13 (4). pp. 355-375.

Aveling, N. (2007) Anti-racism in schools: A question of leadership? Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 28 (1). pp. 69-85.

Aveling, N. (2006) ‘Hacking at our very roots’: Rearticulating White racial identity within the context of teacher education. Race Ethnicity and Education, 9 (3). pp. 261-274.

Aveling, N. (2004) Being the descendant of colonialists: white identity in context. Race Ethnicity and Education, 7 (1). pp. 57-71.

Aveling, N. (2004) Beyond guilt, fear and alienation: Confronting 'Whiteness' with teacher education students. The International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and nations, 4 . pp. 951-958.

Aveling, N. (2004) Critical whiteness studies and the challenges of learning to be a "White Ally". Borderlands: E-journal, 3 (2).

Aveling, N. (2004) Disrupting the normativity of whiteness with teacher education students: challenges and possibilities. Balayi: Culture, Law and Colonialism, 6 . pp. 82-93.

Aveling, N. (2003) Whiteness as historical, political and cultural artefact. International Journal of the Humanities, 1 . pp. 191-199.

Aveling, N. (2002) 'Having It All' and the Discourse of Equal Opportunity: Reflections on choices and changing perceptions. Gender and Education, 14 (3). pp. 265-280.

Aveling, N. (2002) Student teachers' resistance to exploring racism: Reflections on 'doing' border pedagogy. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 30 (2). pp. 119-130.

Aveling, N. (2001) 'Where Do You Come from?': Critical storytelling as a teaching strategy within the context of teacher education. Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 22 (1). pp. 35-48.

Aveling, N. (1998) Aboriginal studies: For whom, and to what ends? Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 19 (3). pp. 301-314.

Non-refereed Article

Aveling, N. (2012) Book review: Miguel Angel Cinteno and Katherine S. Newman, Discrimination in an unequal world. Educational Review, 65 (3). pp. 379-380.

Aveling, N. (2011) Journal Review: Carole L. Lund & Scipio A.J. Colin, III. (eds.) Special Issue: 'White Privilege and Racism: Perceptions and Actions', New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, 125, Spring. Critical Race and Whiteness Studies EJournal, 7 .

Aveling, N. (2006) Book Review: "Values in Higher Education", Robinson, S. and Katulushi, C. 2005. Issues in Educational Research, 16 (1).

Conference Paper

Aveling, N., Davey, P., Georgieff, A., Jackson-Barrett, E.ORCID: 0000-0002-3662-657X, Kosniowska, H. and Fernandes-Satar, A. (2012) Equity, academic rigour and a sense of entitlement: Voices from the 'chalkface'. In: AARE-APERA 2012, 2 - 6 December 2012, University of Sydney, Sydney

Aveling, N. and Hatchell, H. (2007) Good intentions are not enough: Promoting quality teaching and productive pedagogies in teacher education programs. In: AARE 2007 International Educational Research Conference, 25 - 29 November 2007, Fremantle, Western Australia

Aveling, N., Bell, J. and Matthews, L. (2005) "Being white means not having to say you're sorry?". In: Whiteness and the Horizons of Race Conference, 7 - 9 December 2005, Australian Studies Centre, University of Queensland

Aveling, N. (2001) "Smarter than we're given credit for": Youth perspectives on politics, social issues and personal freedoms. In: AARE 2001 International Education Research Conference. Crossing Borders: New Frontiers for Educational Research, 2 - 6 December 2001, Fremantle, Western Australia

Book Chapter

Aveling, N. (2018) Perceiving multicultural Australia: Policy changes and curriculum directions. In: Cha, Y.K., Ham, S-H and Lee, M., (eds.) Routledge International Handbook of Multicultural Education Research in Asia Pacific. Routledge as part of the Taylor and Francis group, pp. 201-211.

Aveling, N. (2012) Critical engagement with whiteness: Beyond Lecturing on the evils of racism. In: Smyth, J. and Down, B., (eds.) Critical Voices in Teacher Education. Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands, pp. 111-123.

Aveling, N. and Hatchell, H. (2011) A case-study in 'doing' anti-racism pedagogy. In: McKenzie, B. and Fitzsimmons, P., (eds.) Exploring Interdisciplinary Trends in Creativity & Engagement. Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 15-27.

Aveling, N. (2010) Unresolved contradictions: Australian multicultural, social justice and pedagogy within the context of critical democratic spaces. In: Salili, F. and Hoosain, R., (eds.) Democracy and Multicultural Education. Information Age Publishing Inc., Charlotte, NC, pp. 337-361.

Aveling, N. (2007) Critical whiteness studies and the challenges of learning to be a white ally. In: Riggs, D., (ed.) Taking up the Challenge: Whiteness studies in a Postcolonising nation. Crawford House Publishing, Adelaide, South Australia.

Aveling, N. (2006) More than just skin colour: reading whiteness across different locations. In: Tissberger, M., Dietze, G., Hrzan, D. and Husman-Kastein, J., (eds.) Weiss - Weisssein - Whiteness: Critical Studies On Gender And Racism Kritische Studien Zu Gender Und Rassismus. Peter Lang, Frankfurt, Germany, pp. 31-42.


Aveling, Nado (1995) A matter of interest: The discursive construction of women's choices. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.


Wagner, R., Cram, L., Aveling, N. and Knight, K. (2011) Book review: Andre Elias Mazawi and Ronald G. Sultana (Eds), 2010, Education and the Arab 'World': Political projects, struggles and geometrics of power. Higher Education Research & Development, 30 (2). pp. 251-252.

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