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Journal Article

Alam, Md.K., Bell, R.W. and Biswas, W.K. (2019) Decreasing the carbon footprint of an intensive rice-based cropping system using conservation agriculture on the Eastern Gangetic Plains. Journal of Cleaner Production, 218 (1). pp. 259-272.

Alam, M.K., Bell, R.W. and Biswas, W.K. (2019) Increases in soil sequestered carbon under conservation agriculture cropping decrease the estimated greenhouse gas emissions of wetland rice using life cycle assessment. Journal of Cleaner Production, 224 . pp. 72-87.

Alam, M.K., Bell, R., Salahin, N., Pathan, S., Mondol, A.T.M.A.I., Alam, M.J., Rashid, M.H., Paul, P.L.C., Hossain, M.I. and Shil, N.C. (2018) Banding of fertilizer improves phosphorus acquisition and yield of zero tillage maize by concentrating phosphorus in surface soil. Sustainability, 10 (9). p. 3234.

Bell, R.W., Haque, M.E., Jahiruddin, M., Rahman, Md.M., Begum, M., Miah, M.A.M., Islam, M.A., Hossen, Md.A., Salahin, N., Zahan, T., Hossain, M.M., Alam, Md.K. and Mahmud, M.N.H. (2018) Conservation Agriculture for Rice-Based Intensive Cropping by Smallholders in the Eastern Gangetic Plain. Agriculture, 9 (1). p. 5.

Alam, Md.K., Bell, R.W., Haque, M.E. and Kader, M.A. (2018) Minimal soil disturbance and increased residue retention increase soil carbon in rice-based cropping systems on the Eastern Gangetic Plain. Soil and Tillage Research, 183 . pp. 28-41.

Alam, M.K., Salahin, N., Islam, S., Begum, R.A., Hasanuzzaman, M., Islam, M.S. and Rahman, M.M. (2017) Patterns of change in soil organic matter, physical properties and crop productivity under tillage practices and cropping systems in Bangladesh. The Journal of Agricultural Science, 155 (2). pp. 216-238.

Alam, Md.K., Biswas, W.K. and Bell, R.W. (2016) Greenhouse gas implications of novel and conventional rice production technologies in the Eastern-Gangetic plains. Journal of Cleaner Production, 112 . pp. 3977-3987.

Conference Paper

Salahin, N., Jahiruddin, M., Islam, M.R., Bell, R.W., Haque, M.E. and Alam, M.K. (2014) Effects of minimum tillage practices and crop residue retention on soil properties and crop yields under a rice-based cropping System. In: Proceedings of the conference on conservation agriculture for smallholders in Asia and Africa, 7 - 11 December, Mymensingh, Bangladesh pp. 133-134.

Khairul Alam, Md., Salahin, N., Pathan, S., begum, R.A., Mondol, A.T.M.A.I. and Bell, R.W. (2014) Impact of phosphorus placement methods after three years of different tillage practices on maize productivity and soil properties. In: Proceedings of the conference on conservation agriculture for smallholders in Asia and Africa, 7 - 11 December, Mymensingh, Bangladesh pp. 139-140.


Alam, Md. Khairul (2018) Assessment of soil carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation potential under conservation agriculture (CA) practices in the Eastern Gangetic Plains. PhD thesis, Murdoch University.


Alam, Md. Khairul, Bell, R. and Biswas, W. (2015) Overturning traditional tillage practice for rice crops reduces greenhouse gas emissions. 2015 Research Findings: Bulletin 3.06 Crop Protection & Biosecurity .

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