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Journal Article

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Conference Paper

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Conference Item

Evans, H.A., Bahri, P.A., Rumball, J.A. and Barnard, K.R. (2008) Modelling cobalt extraction with Cyanex 272. In: International Solvent Extraction Conference (ISEC) 2008: Solvent Extraction: Fundamentals to Industrial Applications, 15-19 September 2008, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Book Chapter

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Working Paper

Nguyen, L., Armarego, J. and Swatman, P. (2002) Understanding requirements engineering: a challenge for practice and education. Deakin University, School of Information Systems, Geelong, Victoria.


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Lamb, Cho (2001) The influence of temperature and metaphyton on non-biting midges (Diptera: Chironomidae) at Lake Joondalup. Honours thesis, Murdoch University.

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