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Ahluwalia, T.S., Prins, B.P., Abdollahi, M., Armstrong, N.J.ORCID: 0000-0002-4477-293X, Aslibekyan, S., Bain, L., Jefferis, B., Baumert, J., Beekman, M., Ben-Shlomo, Y., Bis, J.C., Mitchell, B.D., de Geus, E., Delgado, G.E., Marek, D., Eriksson, J., Kajantie, E., Kanoni, S., Kemp, J.P., Lu, C., Marioni, R.E., McLachlan, S., Milaneschi, Y., Nolte, I.M., Petrelis, A.M., Porcu, E., Sabater-Lleal, M., Naderi, E., Seppälä, I., Shah, T., Singhal, G., Standl, M., Teumer, A., Thalamuthu, A., Thiering, E., Trompet, S., Ballantyne, C.M., Benjamin, E.J., Casas, J.P., Toben, C., Dedoussis, G., Deelen, J., Durda, P., Engmann, J., Feitosa, M.F., Grallert, H., Hammarstedt, A., Harris, S.E., Homuth, G., Hottenga, J-J, Jalkanen, S., Jamshidi, Y., Jawahar, M.C., Jess, T., Kivimäki, M., Kleber, M.E., Lahti, J., Liu, Y., Marques-Vidal, P., Mellström, D., Mooijaart, S.P., Müller-Nurasyid, M., Penninx, B., Revez, J.A., Rossing, P., Räikkönen, K., Sattar, N., Scharnagl, H., Sennblad, B., Silveira, A., Pourcain, B.S., Timpson, N.J., Trollor, J., van Dongen, J., Van Heemst, D., Visvikis-Siest, S., Vollenweider, P., Völker, U., Waldenberger, M., Willemsen, G., Zabaneh, D., Morris, R.W., Arnett, D.K., Baune, B.T., Boomsma, D.I., Chang, Y-P.C., Deary, I.J., Deloukas, P., Eriksson, J.G., Evans, D.M., Ferreira, M.A., Gaunt, T., Gudnason, V., Hamsten, A., Heinrich, J., Hingorani, A., Humphries, S.E., Jukema, J.W., Koenig, W., Kumari, M., Kutalik, Z., Lawlor, D.A., Lehtimäki, T., März, W., Mather, K.A., Naitza, S., Nauck, M., Ohlsson, C., Price, J.F., Raitakari, O., Rice, K., Sachdev, P.S., Slagboom, E., Sørensen, T.I.A., Spector, T., Stacey, D., Stathopoulou, M.G., Tanaka, T., Wannamethee, S.G., Whincup, P., Rotter, J.I., Dehghan, A., Boerwinkle, E., Psaty, B.M., Snieder, H. and Alizadeh, B.Z. (2021) Genome-wide association study of circulating interleukin 6 levels identifies novel loci. Human Molecular Genetics, 30 (5). pp. 393-409.

Al-Ali, S., Hocking, G.C.ORCID: 0000-0002-5812-6015, Farrow, D.E. and Zhang, H. (2021) A spectral modelling approach for fluid flow into a line sink in a confined aquifer. European Journal of Applied Mathematics .

Altarawneh, M.ORCID: 0000-0002-2832-3886, Ahmed, O.H., Al-Harahsheh, M., Jiang, Z-T and Dlugogorski, B.Z. (2021) A kinetic model for halogenation of the zinc content in franklinite. Applied Surface Science, 562 . Art. 150105.

Amri, A., Hendri, Y.B., Saputra, E., Heltina, D., Yin, C-Y, Rahman, M.M.ORCID: 0000-0002-6778-7931, Minakshi, M.ORCID: 0000-0001-6558-8317, Mondinos, N. and Jiang, Z-T (2022) Formation kinetics of sol-gel derived LiFePO4 olivine analyzed by reliable non-isothermal approach. Ceramics International, 48 (12). pp. 17729-17737.

Bilston-John, S.H., Narayanan, A., Lai, C.T., Rea, A., Joseph, J. and Geddes, D.T. (2021) Macro- and trace-element intake from human milk in Australian infants: Inadequacy with respect to national recommendations. Nutrients, 13 (10). Article 3548.

Bilston-John, S.H., Narayanan, A., Tat Lai, C., Rea, A., Joseph, J. and Geddes, D.T. (2021) Daily and within-feed variation of macro- and trace-element concentrations in human milk and implications for sampling. Food Chemistry, 363 . Art. 130179.

Blackwell, R., Hemmerle, A., Baer, A., Späth, M., Peukert, W., Parsons, D.ORCID: 0000-0002-3956-6031, Sengupta, K. and Smith, A-S (2021) On the control of dispersion interactions between biological membranes and protein coated biointerfaces. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 598 . pp. 464-473.

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