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Is WISALTS approach the answer to dryland salting?

Clancy, J. Is WISALTS approach the answer to dryland salting? The Weekly Times, [Publication] [Special Collections]


In 1974 the pasture at Alec Martin's 2,000 acre property at Tatong in Victoria began to decline in that area and trees in the road reserve nearby were dying. On advice offexperts he fenced off a salt affected area and planted trees and salt tolerant grasses. The problem continued to get worse so he looked for new solutions, and believes he has found them in the WISALTS approach to dryland salinity. Mr Martin went to South Australia where WISALTS banks had been constructed, impressed by what he saw, he continued to Western Australia where he gathered more information. He has constructed six kilometres of interceptor banks on his property in a effort to prevent a build up of water in salt scalds. So far, there is a marked reduction in the size of the scald and a marked increase in the growth of grass upslope. CSIRO soil scientist Dr Baden Williams has visited the property and is very interested in what he saw, and believes WISALTS are tackling the right part of the problem.

This article contains four images: Alec Martin with before and after images of his property; trees dying near the ridge of a hill; Alec Martin showing the depth of waterlogging on his property; and interceptor banks installed on Alec Martin's property.

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