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Property of A (Tony) Lane, 'Elbows Inn', Esperance, Western Australia, Australia - 001

Property of A (Tony) Lane, 'Elbows Inn', Esperance, Western Australia, Australia - 001. [Document] [Special Collections]



Surveyor's Report on WISALTS Soil Conservation System created by RT (Rob) Stone.

Neridup Location 485.

Comments: Bank (A) has 5 to 10 centimetres of topsoil over good clay and it has a 3 centimetre fall in 33 metres as Tony wishes to make with a grader. If any porous soils are found they are to be dug out and sealed with a dozer. The bank discharges water out to Mitchell Freeway which carries it to natural waterway at rear of farm. Bank (B) has mostly 10 to 15 centimetres of topsoil over good clay, porous soil will be found near boundary at the beginning of the bank. Tony wishes to make with a grader, but due to soil on the north boundary, it will need building and sealing with a dozer when bank (E) is joined in to the system. The bank has 2 centimetres fall in 33 metres. Bank (C) has 2 centimetres fall in 33 metres, is also to be made with a grader but dozer or even backhoe and plastic may be needed to cut throughflows. When I take Joy back to find seepage from dam we will check bank (C) then bank (D) is to be constructed to the boundary and to discharge into waterway until dozer returns to construct bank (E). Banks (F, G, H) were surveyed by Peter Murphy earlier. Bank (I) is only to protect run off entering future sheep yards etc. Bank (J) is to follow boundary as close as possible, is to be constructed with a dozer and small rises to be cut through. This drops water 1 metre. Main waterway at rear of property (same point as Mitchell Freeway). The starting point of bank (J) as not sure yet as we have to pick up seepage from dam if it does not take up (as it is over seepage line). Mitchell Freeway is to have waterway on it's high side. Something like this: waterway, 20 metres, road area. I would not put a drain on low side of road in case of wet conditions, wide machines can extend into this area instead of waterway. Bank (K) is a drain at side of road which discharges into bank (C). This property is situated 130 kilometres north east of Esperance and at this time is the northern boundary of cleared land. It receives about 12 to 14 inches rainfall. The front portion of the block has granite outcrops while the rear larger portion is sand and clay. Water enters on 3 sides and leaves on the fourth side (rear) in a defined waterway. The front granite portion ends at the first fence line across the block after which the fall is gradual to the rear. We are aiming to intercept all water entering the 3 sides and putting into 2 waterways then back into main waterway to leave property.

This document is part of the WISALTS (Whittington Interceptor Sustainable Agriculture Land Treatment Society Incorporated) Collection.

Date: 18 September 1986
Item Type: Special Collections
Collection: WISALTS Collection
Notes: 1 survey plan : col. ; 37 x 26 cm
URI: http://researchrepository.murdoch.edu.au/id/eprint/50336
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