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S102 Great Ideas About Man and Society 1 - Stoicism

Kipp, D.A. S102 Great Ideas About Man and Society 1 - Stoicism. [Sound recording] [Special Collections]

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A lecture given by Dr David Kipp for the course "S102 Great Ideas About Man and Society 1" at Murdoch University.

Course description from the 1976 Murdoch University Handbook and Calendar:-

Introduces students to conceptions central to Western and Eastern thought about man, his nature and the society in which he lives. The course will examine major ideas from philosophy, psychology, religion, sociology, history, anthropology, political theory and literature. It is designed to give students a grounding in the major interpretations of man and society.

The first semester explores religious traditions of the East and the West, some ideas in Greek philosophy and the conceptual revolutions of the 15th-19th centuries that helped to structure the world-view of modern man. Students will introduced to the ideas of thinkers like Confucius, Buddha, Plato, Machiavelli, Darwin, Marx and Freud.

This sound recording is part of the History of Murdoch University Collection.

Date: 27 April 1976
Item Type: Special Collections
Collection: History of Murdoch University Collection
Notes: 1 digital file : 101 MB
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