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Changing role of religion today, and its possible place in the future

Hazelwood, J. Changing role of religion today, and its possible place in the future. [Sound recording] [Special Collections]

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A lecture given by John Hazelwood for the course "World in Transition" (Trunk A102) at Murdoch University.

Course description from the 1975 Murdoch University Handbook and Calendar:-

The majority of Murdoch students will spend most of their lives in the 21st century. What will their world be like? The rate of technological, social and moral change is continuing to accelerate. The purpose of the course is to take stock of some of the major areas of change, and to identify some of the directions in which change is taking us. What is the impact of population increase on world resources, and how does it bear upon levels of pollution? What changes are occurring in international political and ideological blocs, and in patterns of control? To what extent has the media revolution influenced patterns of authority and belief? What role is there for individual freedom and responsibility in a massive technological society?

Major technological, genetic and biological advances all change accepted moral and social patterns in thought. How was mankind adapting? Was society more violent, corrupt, or manipulable? What validity lies in the various countercultures set up as alternatives to conventional Western society?

This introductory course will not give final or complete answers to such questions, but aimed at developing students a rational and informed awareness of the problems which confronted the world today.

This sound recording is part of the History of Murdoch University Collection.

Date: 1975
Item Type: Special Collections
Collection: History of Murdoch University Collection
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