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Liminal Drifter - The Night Train Vacancies: Remixes and Reconstructions

Order, S. (2017) Liminal Drifter - The Night Train Vacancies: Remixes and Reconstructions. [Digital Recording] [Creative Output]


On The Night Train Vacancies, Liminal Drifter’s music is reinterpreted by artists such as Erik Nilsson, Matt McLean (of Lilt), Lvmark, p_Frisk, ddos, Warren Scott, Striphy, escue and Robwun. The Night Train Vacancies sees the original tracks taking new journeys of their own, woven together into a remix album that flows beautifully as a whole – from restrained and expansive reworkings to spectral tension-and-release bangers.

Item Type: Creative Output
ComposerOrder, Simon
VocalistMarch, C.
DesignerMedley, S.
Executive ProducerOrder, Simon
Company Credits: Hidden Shoal
Murdoch Affiliation: School of Arts
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Other Information: released August 28, 2017 1. Troubled Mystic - Erik Nilsson remix 2. Verterons Ambo Flo- Striphy remix 3. One Little Nudge Mash - p_Frisk 4. Dark Sunlight - ddos remix 5. Adventures Beyond the Body - feeding | ear late night rework 6. Soothed by Summer - Robwun remix 7. Heart of Your Soul - Warren Scott DNA remix 8. Lullaby (Kryshe) - Liminal Drifter Night Train remix 9. The Fighting is Over - Lvmark remix 10. Japanese Devotion - escue remix
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