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Alteration of U(VI)-Phases under oxidizing conditions

Deditius, A.P., Utsunomiya, S. and Ewing, R.C. (2006) Alteration of U(VI)-Phases under oxidizing conditions. In: Plutonium Futures - The Science 2006, 9 - 13 July 2006, Pacific Grove, CA



Uranium-(VI) phases are the primary alteration products of the UO 2 in spent nuclear fuel and the UO 2+x in natural uranium deposits. The U(VI)-phases generally form sheet structures of edge-sharing UO 2 2+ polyhedra. The complexity of these structures offers numerous possibilities for coupled-substitutions of trace metals and radionuclides. The incorporation of radionuclides into U(VI)-structures provides a potential barrier to their release and transport in a geologic repository that experiences oxidizing conditions. In this study, we have used natural samples of UO 2+x , to study the U(VI)-phases that form during alteration and to determine the fate of the associated trace elements.

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