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Properties of Dy3+-doped Ge-Ga-Se chalcogenide glasses

Zhao, D., Xia, F.ORCID: 0000-0002-4950-3640, Wang, H. and Hu, L. (2005) Properties of Dy3+-doped Ge-Ga-Se chalcogenide glasses. Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society, 33 (5). pp. 639-643.


Dy3+-doped chalcogenide glasses in Ge-Ga-Se system were prepared and the properties of glasses samples including density, microhardness, visible-infrared transmission spectra, emission spectra and fluorescence life were measured. The molar volume and compactness of glasses were calculated from the density data obtained. The properties of glasses as a function of the average coordination number were discussed. Results show that good fluorescent properties are obtained at 1.3 μm when is greater than 2.67 and the measured emission lifetime is from 440 μs to 530 μs. The strongest emission is found in the glass at the chemical threshold of = 2.73.

Item Type: Journal Article
Journal or Publication Title: Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society
Page Range: pp. 639-643
Publisher: The Chinese Ceramic Society
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