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Responses of open forest to fire regimes (Australia)

Christensen, P., Recher, H.F. and Hoare, J. (1981) Responses of open forest to fire regimes (Australia). In: Gill, A.M., Groves, R.H. and Noble, I.R., (eds.) Fire and the Australian biota. Australian Academy of Science, Canberra, ACT, Australia, pp. 367-393.


Indicates the distribution of open forests in Australia, and examines the fire-adaptive traits of plants in these dry sclerophyll forests, whereby plants survive intense burning and recover rapidly. Various post-fire regenerative strategies are considered: from seed residual in the soil or released from plants; from vegetative regrowth; and from a combination of these. Pyric succession is related to the fire regime and to a number of growth factors. Effects on the fauna are considered, with notes on animal behaviour, post-fire population decline and subsequent recovery.-

Item Type: Book Chapter
Publisher: Australian Academy of Science
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