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MALDI-TOF approach to measure cysteine number of wheat glutenin subunits

Ma, W.ORCID: 0000-0002-1264-866X, Wang, K., Ma, J., Islam, S., Appels, R., Bekes, F. and Yan, Y. (2012) MALDI-TOF approach to measure cysteine number of wheat glutenin subunits. In: 11th International Gluten Workshop, 12 - 16 August 2012, Fragrant Hill Empark Hotel, Beijing, China.


In the current study, we established a fast method to accurately measure the number of cysteine residues in high molecular weight glutenin subunits. An alkylation regent, 4-vinylpyridine (4-vp), was used to treat the proteins during extraction. For every cysteine residue in a protein, such treatment increases its molecular mass value by 105.14 Da, which can be accurately determined by MALDI-TOF equipment. Based on the changes of the molecular mass value after 4-vp treatment, the number of cysteine residue can be reliably determined. We found that this method is also useful in studying non-glutenin proteins such as lupin seed storage proteins. This method is particularly valuable when the number of cysteine residue is of importance.

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Murdoch Affiliation: Western Australian State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre
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