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Antiparasitic Compounds

Best, W., Sims, C., Thompson, R.C.A., Reid, S., Armson, A. and Reynoldson, J. (2008) Antiparasitic Compounds. Patent, US 20080317806 A1 .

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A compound of Formula (A), wherein R1 is C1-C5 alkyl, C3-C6 branched alkyl, C4-C7 cycloalkyl, C8-C12 fused or bridged polycycloalkyl, or heterocyclic ring, where any of the preceding alkyl, cycloalkyl or heterocyclic ring groups may be singly or multiply substituted with X; R2 is H or R1; and X is halo, carbonyl carboxylic acid, carboxylic ester, carboxamide, substituted carboxamide, hydroxy, alkoxy, thioalkyl, sulphoxide, sulphone, sulphonamide, substituted sulphonamide, phenoxy, substituted phenoxy, phenyl, substituted phenyl, amino, substituted amino (including quaternary ammonium salts), N-oxide, imino, 5-7 membered heterocycle, or substituted heterocycle.

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