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Molecular mapping of rust resistance genes and marker-assisted breeding in wheat

Cakir, M., Drake-Brockman, F., Shankar, M., Golzar, H., Kollehn, D., McLean, R., Bariana, H., Wilson, R., Barclay, I., Moore, C., Kuchel, H., Jones, M.ORCID: 0000-0001-5002-0227 and Loughman, R. (2009) Molecular mapping of rust resistance genes and marker-assisted breeding in wheat. In: BGRI 2009 Technical Workshop, 17 - 20 March 2009, Obregon, Sonora, Mexico.


Molecular markers make possible the deployment of multiple rust genes in adapted elite lines. In this study we report a summary of the microsatellite tagging of a number of leaf rust, stem rust and stripe rust resistance genes from a variety of sources. Segregating Leichardt/ WAWHT2071 and Sunland/Arrino populations were used for mapping Lr13 and Lr28 where Leichardt and Sunland were the respective sources of the resistance genes. Lines C77.19/3*77W:549-163658 and Sr33 /2*Shortim//4*3/Jacup resistance lines were used as sources of Sr32 and Sr33 . F 2 and F 2:3 populations were used for microsatellite tagging of the genes. Very closely linked SSR markers were identified for Lr13 , Lr28 , Sr32 and Sr33 on chromosomes 2BS, 4AL, 2BS and 1DS, respectively. Results from field-based studies of various mapping populations for the characterization of adult plant rust (APR) resistances from a variety of sources such as Wyalkatchem, Yitpi and Frame will also be discussed. Molecular markers for a range of other rust resistance genes ( Lr9, Lr19/Sr25, Lr24/Sr24, Lr34/ Yr18 Lr46/Yr29, Lr47, Sr26 and Sr36 ) are currently being implemented for variety development and germplasm enhancement. The likely impact of these applications on wheat improvement will be discussed.

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Murdoch Affiliation: Western Australian State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre
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