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Richard III...A Bollywood Musical

Shakespeare, W. and Tampalini, S. (2003) Richard III...A Bollywood Musical. [Play] [Creative Output]


This production was designed as both a celebration of the influence that "Bollywood" has had on contemporary music and performance, and an expose of the insidious appearance of the "bully" as a privileged protagonist in the machinations of world politics. It was intended as a timely indictment of the current world political forces that masquerade as democratic freedom while oppressing those they claim to liberate...

Publication Type: Creative Output
Written byShakespeare, W.
AdapterTampalini, Serge
DirectorTampalini, Serge
DesignerSchimer, S.
DesignerOsbourne, S.
ChoreographerYam, S.
Company Credits: Nexus Theatre
Murdoch Affiliation: School of Social Sciences and Humanities
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Other Information: Presented as part of the Advanced Production Unit at Murdoch University You Tube link - Excerpts from the production
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