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, Norrie and Tampalini, S. (1986) Xerox. [Play] [Creative Output]


Xerox in its present copy has grown out of a play of the same name by Norrie. The themes of the initial play were identified and workshopped. What developed was a central theme of prejudice and persecution, that best theatricalised itself by weaving of the three literary and dramatic genres; Naturalism, Expressionism and Absurdism. The conceptualisation, scripting and directing have all grown out of the workshop process and "Xerox" owes its present form to ensemble work.

Publication Type: Creative Output
Written by, Norrie
DirectorTampalini, Serge
DesignerTraffimov, J.
DesignerTampalini, Serge
Company Credits: Dolphin Theatre
Murdoch Affiliation: School of Social Sciences and Humanities
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