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His masters voice

Anderson, D. and Tampalini, S. (1985) His masters voice. [Play] [Creative Output]


His Master's Voice was a musical packed with songs that ranged from fifties to funk, a new wave to scat, country and western to punk. The action revolved around a working class family where the father is a staunch labor man and the mother a socialite conservative. Their son is a singer in a punk band, and is seen, by the mercenary music industry promoters, as a lucrative talent. David Anderson rips the lid off the music industry and reveals the financial and social manipulations that lie within. At the same time he has also written a social-realist drama that examines how social and economic politics can effect and destroy the aspirations and dreams of a family.

Publication Type: Creative Output
Written byAnderson, D.
DirectorDavenport, N.
DesignerTampalini, Serge
ActorCopeland, A.
ActorCrooks, J.
ActorDavenport, N.
ActorLeopard, J.
ActorLewis, A.
ActorMcKenzie, C.
ActorNewton, K.
ActorWilliamson, T.
Company Credits: The Pink Galah Hotel/Performance Space
Murdoch Affiliation: School of Social Sciences and Humanities
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