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Page, L. and Tampalini, S. (1985) Salonika. [Play] [Creative Output]


Louise Page plays "sleight-of-mind" tricks with age and time and in doing so brings us frighteningly close to the fears and uncertainties of the human condition that is shared by both young and old. Themes of sex, love and death are drawn out like the threads spun, measured, and cut by Fates from Greek and Roman mythology--these may be seen, if one looks closely, in the lengths of string strung between earth and sky of the stage.

Publication Type: Creative Output
Written byPage, L.
DirectorOmodei, R.
DesignerTampalini, Serge
Lighting designerNewby, J.
ActorStewart, P.
ActorPannell, N.
ActorClayton, F.
ActorHall, R.
ActorKing, A.
Company Credits: Hole in the Wall
Murdoch Affiliation: School of Social Sciences and Humanities
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