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Gertrude the cry: Design and staging

Tampalini, S. (2009) Gertrude the cry: Design and staging. [Motion Picture] [Creative Output]


This DVD documents the creative decisions that informed the reading, design, direction and staging of Howard Barker play Gertrude the Cry. Designed and directed by Serge Tampalini, this complex tale of the crime at the heart of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is staged with startling imagery that is as complex as the tale. Those familiar with Barker’s work will know that where other playwrights might clarify a scene, Barker seeks to render it more complex, ambiguous and unstable, fragmenting response and forcing each spectator to come to their own conclusions.

Publication Type: Creative Output
Written byBarker, H.
DirectorTampalini, Serge
Company Credits: Contemporary Arts Media
Murdoch Affiliation: School of Social Sciences and Humanities
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Other Information: DVD-Rom Length: 26 mins
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