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Gertrude - The cry

Tampalini, S. (2008) Gertrude - The cry. [Play] [Creative Output]


This tragedy is the contemporary tale of 42 years old Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s nymphomaniac mother. Hamlet is puritanical and exceedingly disgusted by his mother's sexual activity.

The ‘Cry’ of the title describes Gertrude’s gasps during a GENUINE orgasm.

In Elsinore Castle, Queen Gertrude (Julia Perkins), offers up her crotch in ‘damned incest’ to brother-in-law Claudius (Jeremy Mitchell), however to gain her, he must first pour poison into his sleeping brother, King Hamlet’s, ear. He has the Queen whilst she stands naked astride her dead husband. Whilst at her husband's funeral, Gertrude gives Claudius oral sex. She is seen by Hamlet’s grandmother, Isola (Marlene O’Dea) who hates Gertrude, perhaps she sees in this promiscuity her own lost hedonistic youth. She fears that she may lose a second son, Claudius, to her evil daughter-in-law, Gertrude.

The butler and story’s narrator, Cascan (Danielle Taylor) knows everything that is going on in the royal household, as the members seek his advice. A powerful position.

Gertrude and Claudius, who is still genuinely in love with his new wife, for months is unable to raise her Cry. This causes Gertrude to seek new partners, even posing as a prostitute.

When Hamlet’s young school friend, the lovesick Albert, Duke of Mecklenburg (Paul Grabovac), has it off with Gertrude in the garden, they are seen by Claudius who is determined to kill the young Duke.

The ghost of his father advises Hamlet (Kit Sparrow), who wishes to kill his disgusting mother, against such a murder. Hamlet therefore attempts to show his mother the error of her ways. Deep down, does he have an Oedipus complex? Hamlet finds a girlfriend Ragusa (Tara Walker) whom he believes has the same moral standards as himself. She is a beautiful, but horsy girl. On seeing Hamlet’s mother’s behaviour, Ragusa also fancies a life of sexual adventure.
Gertrude gives birth to Claudius’s child, a girl named Jane, who according to Hamlet will be only too happy to be free of Gertrude’s rancid womb.

Years later, Albert returns to try and capture Gertrude’s heart – or some other bodily part.

At the end of the play, there is the inevitable poison chalice. Who will die on drinking from it? Indeed how many of the royal family will still be standing?

Item Type: Creative Output
Written byBarker, H.
DirectorTampalini, Serge
Company Credits: Skylight Theatre Ensemble, Blue Room Theatre
Murdoch Affiliation(s): School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Other Information: You cannot call it love; for, at your age, the hey-day in the blood is tame, it’s humble, and waits upon the judgement… Shakespeare's Hamlet: Act 3, Scene 4 line 69
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