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Performance [re]search: Sound and body landscapes

Tampalini, S. (2007) Performance [re]search: Sound and body landscapes. [Motion Picture] [Creative Output]


The work of Performance [Re]Search is physical theatre at its most taxing and, for those spectators that enjoy challenging work, most rewarding. It is demanding work that investigates the performer’s presence and its perception. Each production focuses on the body of the performer as the fundamental artistic material at the centre of a spectrum of all possible materials, and attempts to give visibility to it as a source of creativity.

Performance [Re]Search was established in February 1994 by Serge Tampalini, Andrew Robinson and Sarah Cullity in Perth, Western Australia. 4 DVDs available individually and as well as in this set.

Publication Type: Creative Output
DirectorTampalini, Serge
Company Credits: Creative Arts Media
Murdoch Affiliation: School of Social Sciences and Humanities
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Other Information: 4 DVD Set Length: 191 mins
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