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Dye-incorporated polymer hydrogels as draw agents in forward osmosis desalination

Ao, X., Li, D., Simon, G. and Wang, H.T. (2012) Dye-incorporated polymer hydrogels as draw agents in forward osmosis desalination. In: Proceedings of CHEMECA 2012, 23 - 26 September, Wellington, New Zealand



In this paper, the chlorophyllin sodium copper salt-incorporated hydrogel (PNIPAM-SCC) was reported as a draw agent in FO desalination for the first time. Chlorophyllin sodium copper salt was added into polymer matrix and used as a light absorbent, which could absorb solar energy and in turn heat up the surrounding matrix environment. Our results showed that the fluxes in FO process with the use of PNIPAM-SCC hydrogel as a draw agent were similar to that by using pure PNIPAM hydrogel. After FO process, the dewatering rates of swollen PNIPAM-SCC hydrogel were greater as compared with those of pure hydrogel under the exposure to sunlight irradiation. With the use of PNIPAM-SCC composite hydrogel in FO desalination, the flux in the first 2 h was 0.24 LMH and 100% water was recovered after exposing swollen hydrogel to 1 kW/m2 solar irradiation for 60 min.

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Murdoch Affiliation: School of Environmental Science
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